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Ed Skrein Discusses His Experience on the Rebel Moon Set: Set Visit Interview

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Ed Skrein discusses his role as Admiral Atticus Noble in Zack Snyder’s sci-fi film Rebel Moon. Noble is described as a verbally violent villain with an arsenal of military power. Skrein underwent intense physical training for the role, focusing on martial arts and strength training. He credits Zack Snyder for motivating and guiding him through the process. Noble’s motivation in the film is driven by loyalty to the slain king and a desire for prestige and higher standing. He takes sadistic pleasure in carrying out his duties.

Rebel Moon Set: Set Visit Interview

Skrein describes Noble as a man with an incredible amount of military power and an arsenal behind him. He is a fleet commander and has a pistol on his hip. Noble uses his tongue as his weapon, often using eloquent and performative verbal violence. However, when the situation calls for it, Noble becomes hands-on and is not hesitant to use all the weapons at his disposal. When he comes across the most wanted fugitive in the universe, he becomes singularly focused on capturing them for prestige and notoriety.

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Noble’s motivation stems from his loyalty to the slain king, Belisarius. He wants to bring the Boodaxe siblings, who are insurgents, back to satisfy the Senate and gain a higher standing. He also aims to please his father, Dominic Noble, and escape being sent to the corners of the galaxy. Noble’s allegiance to the mother world and the slain king drives him, but there is also a sadistic and cruel nature to his personality that fuels his actions.

In terms of physical training, Skrein explains that he has been training consistently for years in order to be prepared for roles like this. Specifically, he has focused on Muay Thai and kickboxing to develop the right footwork and technical skills. He also added strength and conditioning training to prepare for the stunts in Rebel Moon. Skrein emphasizes the intense physical demands of the role, spending hours on stunts and experiencing the toll it takes on his body. He credits a team of trainers, nutritionists, coaches, and bodywork professionals for supporting him throughout the process.

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Overall, Skrein expresses his excitement and passion for the role of Admiral Atticus Noble in Rebel Moon. He describes it as a dream role and is grateful for the opportunity to work with Zack Snyder. Skrein’s physical efforts are evident in his portrayal of the villainous character, and audiences can expect to see Noble as a malevolent force on screen when the film is released in 2023 and 2024.

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