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Exploring Religion through Chainsaw Man

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Chainsaw Man chapter 140 delves into the theme of religion, as Denji explores the Chainsaw Man Church and its devout followers. The chapter reintroduces Kobeni’s younger brother, Nobana, as a tour guide and religious believer. Nobana shares conspiracy theories about an American ultraviolet ray weapon and the current system of getting married after becoming an adult, blaming America for these issues. This underscores the manga’s inspiration from American media, including Tarantino films and A Clockwork Orange.

Religion through Chainsaw Man

Nobana’s outlandish claims may serve as a disguise for a future plot line, hinting at the birth of a fearsome new Devil that arises from teenage delusions. The connection between human fear and Devil creation is well-known, and Nobana’s belief suggests that this delusion is widespread among teenagers. By the end of the chapter, Nobana is scared of a new character named Barem, who was previously introduced as the Flamethrower Devil and one of Makima’s pawns. This leaves questions about Kobeni’s involvement in his life.

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Vices are a recurring theme in Chainsaw Man, including sex, intimacy, smoking, and other habits that characters struggle to overcome. Denji’s continual falling in and out of vices is a controversial topic among fans. Some believe that his trauma should have taught him a final lesson, while others see his mistakes as logical considering his circumstances. Chapter 140 shows that without the constraint of marriage, Denji may have once again thrown away his pride. However, it also hints at a potential development in his relationship with Asa, who represents one of his most normal bonds.

As the chapter concludes, it sets the stage for a collision between Denji and Asa in the future. The exploration of religion in this chapter adds another layer to the complex world of Chainsaw Man. Readers can continue following the manga’s storyline on platforms such as VIZ and MangaPlus.

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