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Opening for Equalizer 3 Expected to Set New Franchise Record Low

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The Equalizer 3, the new installment in the action franchise starring Denzel Washington, is predicted to have a lower opening weekend box office compared to its predecessors. The movie is expected to earn between $28 million and $30 million during its Friday to Sunday window, falling short of the $34 million earned by the first film and the $36 million earned by the second film. Despite this, the franchise has maintained consistent quality and positive reviews, suggesting that the lower projections are not due to a decline in quality.

Equalizer 3 New Franchise Record Low

There are several factors that may contribute to the lower box office projections for The Equalizer 3. One significant factor is that Denzel Washington has been unable to promote the movie due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. Movie star promotion is known to have an impact on box office returns, so the absence of Washington’s involvement in marketing the film could be affecting its performance.

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Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed audience behaviors and preferences when it comes to consuming movies. With the rise of streaming platforms and the continued uncertainty surrounding theater attendance, audiences may be more inclined to wait for a film’s release on a streaming service rather than going to the theaters to watch it.

However, despite these challenges, The Equalizer 3’s opening weekend projections are not significantly lower than its predecessors. This suggests that the film still has the potential to perform well overall and attract a solid audience. The consistent quality of the franchise and Washington’s return as the beloved character Robert McCall are likely to be factors that draw fans to the movie.

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In conclusion, The Equalizer 3 is expected to have a slightly lower opening weekend box office compared to the previous films in the franchise. Factors such as the lack of promotion by Denzel Washington due to the SAG-AFTRA strike and changed audience behaviors due to the pandemic may contribute to these lower projections. However, the film’s consistent quality and the return of Washington as Robert McCall are likely to attract a solid audience and ensure its overall success.

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