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The Equalizer 3 Finale Falls Short

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Denzel Washington returns as Robert McCall in the third installment of The Equalizer series. Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the film takes McCall to Southern Italy where he finds himself entangled with the Mafia. While the first Equalizer movie was a surprise hit and the second had its moments, the third film is considered the weakest in the series, with diminishing returns.

The Equalizer 3 disappoints in its execution

However, the standout aspect of every Equalizer movie is Denzel Washington himself. Known for his incredible acting skills, Washington brings a quiet, assured confidence to the character of McCall, making him both intimidating and captivating to watch. Despite being an invulnerable character, Washington’s grounded performance keeps the audience engaged.

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The opening sequence of The Equalizer 3 promises a hard-R action movie filled with blood and intense kills. However, after the initial adrenaline rush, the movie slows down considerably. Like its predecessors, the pacing and plotting of The Equalizer 3 suffer from prolonged moments and an abundance of subplots. While the scenes involving the villains are engaging, the rest of the movie falls short.

One major flaw lies in the character of Emma, played by Dakota Johnson. She is portrayed as a boring and one-dimensional character, adding little to the overall story. Similarly, other characters like Frank (David Denman) feel underdeveloped and serve mainly for expository purposes. The plot beats are uninteresting, and certain storylines, like McCall’s relationship with a waitress named Aminah, are left unresolved.

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The final acts of the previous Equalizer movies were known for their thrilling and satisfying action sequences as McCall took down the villains. However, the final act of The Equalizer 3 is disappointingly underwhelming, lacking the novelty and excitement of its predecessors. McCall’s role is reduced to a shadowy figure, and the action set piece is forgettable and brief.

Overall, The Equalizer 3 is considered the weakest movie in the trilogy. While there are well-written moments of tension scattered throughout, they are not enough to salvage the film. Despite Washington’s stellar performance, the movie struggles to keep the audience engaged, resulting in a poor rating of 4/10. It is a film that peaks early on and fails to deliver on its potential.

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