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The Genuine Escape of Jurassic Park’s Raptors

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In Jurassic Park, the escape of the Velociraptors is a crucial plot point that may be confusing to some viewers. However, the explanation for their escape is actually quite simple. The raptors are introduced as highly intelligent and aggressive predators, and their dangerous nature leads to John Hammond bringing in experts to ensure the park’s safety after a raptor kills an employee. At the climax of the film, the raptors reappear, but their escape is overshadowed by other events occurring in the story.

The Genuine Escape of Jurassic Park’s Raptors

The film follows Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, and Ellie Sattler as they arrive on the island of Isla Nubar, where Jurassic Park is located. The narrative quickly becomes a series of thrilling and critical situations, including exciting displays of the park’s dinosaurs, doubts about the park’s integrity, and the scheming of Dennis Nedry, who is trying to steal dinosaur embryos for a rival company. Nedry’s actions end up jeopardizing everyone’s safety and setting the stage for the raptors’ escape.

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Nedry deactivates parts of the park’s security system and disables some of the electric fencing in order to escape with the stolen eggs. However, he ensures that certain enclosures, including the one holding the Velociraptors, remain secure. His goal is to leave the island without getting caught or killed, so he strategically leaves some dangerous pens intact. This decision becomes significant later when Hammond tries to regain control of the park’s system.

To regain control, the entire system needs to be restarted, which includes shutting down the grid completely. This action turns off all the electric fences, including the one around the Velociraptor pen that Nedry had left operational. The assumption is that the procedure will be quick and without additional danger. However, the system requires further steps to get back online, including resetting circuit breakers in another building. During this time, the raptors escape their pen.

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The oversight that leads to the raptors’ escape is a result of everyone’s eagerness to regain control of the chaos. The group at the park headquarters, including Hammond, Arnold, Muldoon, Ian, and Ellie, was too focused on getting things under control that they failed to consider whether the system shutdown would affect the Velociraptor pen. This oversight leaves them and the other survivors at the mercy of the raptors when they eventually return.

Although the shutdown of the system leads to more deaths in Jurassic Park, it also contributes to the suspense and pacing of the film. The audience is distracted by other thrilling events and fails to notice the lurking threat of the raptors until it’s too late. Ultimately, the escape of the raptors adds to the overall suspense and thrilling nature of the film.

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