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12 Dynamic Cartoon Movies and Series Coming Soon

A Summer Spectacle: July 2023 Cartoon Extravaganza!

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Get ready for an action-packed month of July as the world of cartoons brings us a delightful lineup of new releases. Cartoon movies and series, from classic favorites to fresh and innovative series, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Let’s dive into the July 2023 cartoon preview!

Kizazimoto Generation Fire

Kicking off the month on the 5th, Disney’s “Kizazimoto Generation Fire” takes us on a thrilling journey through an animated sci-fi anthology series. Drawing inspiration from Africa’s diverse histories and cultures, this action-packed show presents 10 futuristic visions created by a new generation of talented African creators. Get ready to explore brave new worlds filled with advanced technology, aliens, spirits, and monsters, all available at once on Disney Plus.

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My Adventures with Superman

On the 6th, Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim brings us “My Adventures with Superman,” the latest animated series from DC and Warner Brothers Animation. This adult animated comedy is a coming-of-age story that delves into the origins of Clark Kent (Superman), Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen as 20-something-year-olds. Join Clark as he navigates building his secret identity as Superman while uncovering his mysterious origins. With a stellar voice cast, including Jack Quade as Clark Kent and Alice Lee as Lois Lane, this series will keep you entertained week after week, with all episodes available the next day on the max streaming service.

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Wake Up Callow

Netflix treats us to “Wake Up Callow” from Brazilian animation house Copa Studio on the 6th. This series follows Carlo, a seven-year-old boy who loves fun, adventure, and cookies. However, after a spell sends him into a deep sleep for 22 years, he wakes up to a world that has changed drastically, including his best friends, who are now responsible adults. Carlo’s positivity, free spirit, and lack of understanding about life’s fundamentals inspire them to reclaim their sense of fun. All 13 episodes drop at once, offering a delightful restoration effort by Walt Disney Studios to celebrate their 100th Anniversary.

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Disney plans to debut the first batch of newly restored Walt Disney Animation Studios classic cartoons on the 7th. This release includes beloved shorts like “The Skeleton Dance” and “Mickey and Minnie cartoon building a building.” A total of 27 classic shorts will drop between July and October, allowing fans to revisit the timeless magic of Disney’s early animation.

“Big Nate” season 2

Paramount premieres the first 10 episodes of Nickelodeon’s “Big Nate” season 2 on the 7th. Join Nate Wright and his misfit group of friends as they tackle new adventures, face epic challenges, and unleash their boundless imaginations. This season promises to push the boundaries of visual creativity, featuring episodes with various animation styles, including stop motion, shadow box theater, photogrammetry, and claymation.

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On the 8th, Apple TV Plus debuts the second season of “Duck and Goose.” Inspired by Ted Hill’s beloved picture book series, this preschool show celebrates the unique camaraderie between Duck and Goose, two feathered friends who don’t always see eye to eye. Through embracing and appreciating each other’s differences, they learn to solve everyday challenges with new ideas. While details on the number of episodes are currently unconfirmed, fans can expect more heartwarming stories dropping all at once.

Paw Patrol Season 10

Nickelodeon plans to premiere the 10th season of “Paw Patrol” on the 10th. Led by 10-year-old Ryder, the plucky pups of Paw Patrol are rescue dogs in training, each with a real-world job like a firefighter or construction worker. Whenever trouble strikes Adventure Bay, they’re ready to save the day. Season 10 will bring weekly episodes filled with exciting missions and courageous acts.

Netflix doesn’t disappoint on the 10th as they drop the second season of “The StoryBots: Answer Time.” Join Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang, and Boa as they embark on more fun-filled adventures, answering intriguing questions and delivering plenty of laughs along the way. Season 2 will feature some exciting celebrity cameos, including Anne Hathaway, Danny DeVito, and Sophie Turner. With 10 episodes available on the release day, it’s a perfect binge-worthy treat for kids and grown-ups alike.

10 New Episodes of The Bluey Cartoon

On the 12th, Disney brings us 10 new episodes of “Bluey” in all territories outside of Australia and New Zealand. Follow the lovable and inexhaustible Blue Heeler puppy, Bluey, as she learns and grows through play with her dad, mom, and little sister. This heartwarming series showcases the joyful simplicity found within families and features special cameos from Disney favorite Lin-Manuel Miranda and Aussie icon Rose Byrne.

Netflix speeds in on the 13th with the second season of “Sonic Prime.” In this CG animated installment of the Sonic franchise, Sonic the Hedgehog embarks on a high-octane adventure where the fate of a strange new multiverse rests in his gloved hands. Join Sonic on a journey of self-discovery and redemption as he races to save not only the universe but also himself. The second season comprises eight episodes, all available at once.

Netflix’s Super Team 4

On the 20th, Netflix launches its first African animation series, “Super Team 4.” Set in the neo-futuristic African city of Lukasa, this series follows 14 girls recruited by a retired secret agent committed to saving the world, even on a budget. Watch as these schoolgirls transform into undercover superheroes, fending off super villains while tackling the challenges of homework and friendship. The entire eight-part series drops all at once, promising an exciting and empowering viewing experience.

Disney’s Zombies Cartoon

Disney releases “Zombies: The Reanimated Series Shorts” on the 21st on Disney Channel and Disney Plus. This animated short-form series continues the adventures of fan favorites Zed, Addison, and the Seabrook crew from the hit “Zombies” franchise. Serving as a precursor to the upcoming “Zombies: The Reanimated Series,” this comedy musical explores the lives of our beloved characters in an animated format, bringing their infectious energy to screens once again.

Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir The Movie

Mark your calendars for the 23rd as Netflix brings us “Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir: The Movie.” Based on the immensely popular series, this film serves as both a continuation and an origin story. Join Ladybug and Cat Noir, two superheroes who must protect the city of Paris from the evil Hawk Moth, all while keeping their identities a secret. With the help of their magical pets, they embark on a super-powered adventure. The movie features the original voice cast, including Christina Valenzuela and Bryce Papenbro.

New Season of Futurama

The long-awaited 11th (or 8th, depending on how you look at it) season of “Futurama” premieres on the 24th. After a brief 10-year hiatus, the series makes a triumphant return with its full original cast and satirical spirit intact. Get ready for a wild ride as “Futurama” explores the future of vaccines, Bitcoins, cancel culture, and streaming TV. With 10 weekly episodes, this series offers a mix of humor and social commentary while providing payoffs to decades-long mysteries. Produced under Disney, it’s sure to be a treat for fans.

Netflix Do Drop Diaries Preschool Animated Series

Closing out the month on the 24th, Netflix debuts “Do Drop Diaries,” the latest preschool animated series from DreamWorks Television Animation. Follow the adventures of a group of three-inch tall family fairies known as Dewdrops. Assigned to human families, these fairies secretly help out around the house with the little things that often fall through the cracks. Set in the big city, these tiny fairies reside in teensy fairy houses on Brownstone balcony gardens. While no specific episode number has been announced, the entire season of “Do Drop Diaries” will drop all at once, promising a delightful and magical viewing experience for preschoolers.

Justice League: War World

Warner Bros. Animation takes center stage on the 25th with the release of “Justice League: War World,” the latest installment in the DC Comics animated film series. This film marks the seventh entry in the Tomorrowverse chronology and brings together the mighty Justice League. As they face their toughest challenge yet, the League evolves from a loose association of super-powered individuals into a cohesive force to save the world from imminent danger. Prepare for epic action, intense battles, and thrilling storytelling as the Justice League fights to protect humanity once again.

July 2023 is indeed a month filled with excitement and nostalgia for cartoon enthusiasts of all ages. From the futuristic visions of Disney’s “Kizazimoto Generation Fire” to the comedic adventures of “My Adventures with Superman” and the beloved classics restored by Walt Disney Animation Studios, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of superheroes, animated shorts, preschool series, or iconic franchises like “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “Futurama,” this month’s cartoon preview promises to captivate and entertain.

So grab your popcorn, gather your loved ones, and get ready to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of animation with these new cartoon movies and series. With a diverse range of shows and movies spanning different genres, styles, and themes, July 2023 is a month that celebrates the artistry and creativity of cartoons. Whether you’re revisiting childhood favorites or discovering new animated gems, these releases offer a delightful escape into imaginative worlds, where anything is possible.

As we dive into July 2023, let us embrace the magic of animation and enjoy the captivating stories, vibrant characters, and boundless imagination that await us. Get ready to laugh, be inspired, and embark on unforgettable journeys through the power of cartoons. So, sit back, relax, and let the animated adventures begin!

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