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Avatar: The Last Airbender Cast: Where Are They Now?

The Winds of Change: Catching Up with the Voice Actors of Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Avatar: The Last Airbender might have come to an end in 2008, but the characters and the cast that brought them to life still hold a special place in our hearts. In this article, we’re taking a look at the voice actors who lent their voices to this Nickelodeon animated series and seeing where the winds have taken them since the show ended.

10. Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill became a household name for his iconic portrayal of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise. However, he has played multiple villains in animated movies, TV shows and video games. A special one being Fire Lord Ozai in Avatar: The Last Airbender. After the show ended, Hamill continued to voice villains in various projects, including The Lego Batman Movies and the video game Batman: Arkham Knight. He also returned to Star Wars with the sequel trilogy and The Mandalorian. Hamill has also branched out into more comedic roles like Skips in Regular Show and even played himself on occasion.

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9. Jennie Kwan

Jennie Kwan had experience with voice acting before landing the role of Suki, the Kyoshi Warrior, in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Kwan played Audrey in the animated adaptation of Little Shop of Horrors. Her most celebrated voice role has to be Suki, who played an integral role in opening Sokka’s eyes to how sexist his worldview was. Kwan has since appeared in other sitcoms like New Girl and continues to lend her voice to animated projects, especially English dubs for anime.

8. Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle has lent her voice to multiple Nickelodeon shows. Some being The Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom and Avatar, where she played the villainous Azula. Her performance as the power-hungry Azula earned her critical acclaim and solidified her reputation as one of the most versatile voice actors in the industry. After Avatar, she voiced multiple characters in The Legend of Korra. She is also currently voicing Lola, Lana, and Lily on The Loud House.

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7. Mako Iwamatsu

Mako brought wisdom, wit and warmth to the role of Uncle Iroh, Zuko’s true father figure and a mentor to the rest of Team Avatar. Sadly, Mako passed away amid season two, and the Tales of Ba Sing Se episode was dedicated to his memory. Fun fact, Mako was nominated for an Academy Award in the Supporting Actor category for his performance in the Sand Pebbles. Greg Baldwin stepped in to voice Iroh in the third season and the Legend of Korra, taking up the mantle of Mako’s beloved character. He also voiced Aku in the last season of Samurai Jack, leaving his mark on two iconic characters.

6. Jesse Flower

Jesse Flower was around twelve when she started voicing Toph Bei Fong, arguably the most badass member of Team Avatar. After Avatar, the former child star has worked on multiple Disney and Pixar animated movies, including Finding Nemo and Brother Bear 2. She also voiced a young Su Yin Bei Fong in The Legend of Korra.

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5. Dante Basco

Dante Basco rose to fame playing the Lost Boy Rufio in the movie Hook. His youthful voice brought Prince Zuko to life, a character that he played through the show’s entire run. Basco continued his voice acting career after Avatar as Jake Long in American Dragon and Scorpion in Ultimate Spider-Man. He also reprised his role as Zuko’s grandson, General Iroh II in the Legend of Korra. Currently, Basco hosts an Avatar podcast called Braving The Elements with co-host and The Legend of Korra star, Janet Varney.

4. Jack DeSena

Jack DeSena played Sokka, the non-bending humorous member of Team Avatar. DeSena was part of Nickelodeon’s cast for the relaunched version of All That. Although Sokka was not initially intended to be a major character, the character’s development grew when DeSena was cast. Sokka is known for his witty one-liners and tactical thinking, and DeSena’s performance made Sokka a fan-favorite. After Avatar, he continued his career with his role as guidance counselor Jack Roberts in 100 Things to Do Before High School. DeSena later reunited with Avatar head writer Aaron Ehasz to voice Callum on the Dragon Prince.

3. Mae Whitman

Mae Whitman had some experience in both live-action and animated roles, but she landed her biggest gig to date as Katara, one of the show’s central characters. Whitman brought Katara’s warmth and determination to life, making her a beloved character among fans. After Avatar, she voiced April O’Neill in the 2012 version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She later appeared in Good Girls on NBC and lent her voice talent to projects like DC’s animated movies and American Dad.

2. Zach Tyler Eisen

Zach Tyler Eisen played the lead character, Aang, the last Airbender who had the responsibility of saving the world. Eisen began his career with a small role in Marci X in 2003, but he became a household name with Avatar: The Last Airbender. After the show ended, Eisen took a break from acting in 2012 to focus on his studies. However, he hasn’t acted since, and he has kept his private life entirely out of the spotlight.

1. Janet Varney

Janet Varney voiced Korra, the lead character of The Legend of Korra, the spin-off of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Before landing the role of Korra, Varney had already established herself as a TV and movie actress. After Korra, she went on to play Becca Barbara in You’re the Worst and appeared on Stan Against Evil. She also teamed up with longtime collaborator and Korra co-star Dante Basco to host the Avatar podcast, Braving the Elements.

In conclusion, the voice actors of Avatar: The Last Airbender have transitioned to an array of acting and voice roles’ post-Avatar. They have become a beloved part of animated entertainment, and we cannot help but anticipate what’s in store for them in the future.

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