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Dreamworks Doesn’t Want You To Watch This Movie

Exploring the Mysterious Absence of Promotion for DreamWorks Animation's Highly Anticipated Film

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The excitement was palpable when DreamWorks Animation dropped the first trailer for their upcoming movie, Ruby Gilman: Teenage Kraken. Viewers were immediately captivated by the story of a Teenage Misfit who discovers her Destiny to rule the seas as a warrior Queen. Fans eagerly awaited its release, anticipating the next big hit from DreamWorks Animation. However, as the release date of June 30th draws closer, something seems amiss. There has been an alarming absence of promotion for the movie, raising questions and leaving fans puzzled.

The Unseen Marketing Strategy:

Universal, the movie’s distributor, has been surprisingly silent since the initial trailer drop. No billboards, no TV spots, and no new promotional material have surfaced. But why would Universal neglect such a highly anticipated project? The answer lies in two possibilities, both of which are unrelated to DreamWorks Animation.

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The Super Mario Movie Phenomenon:

One likely reason for the lack of promotion for “Teenage Kraken” is the overwhelming success of Universal’s other venture, the Super Mario movie. This animated film, backed by another Universal-owned animation studio, Illumination, has grossed over 1 billion dollars internationally. Given its ongoing success in theaters and the potential for merchandising opportunities and future movies, Universal’s marketing resources have understandably been focused on this proven blockbuster. Consequently, “Teenage Kraken” has struggled to compete, lacking the immediate recognition that an established franchise like Super Mario enjoys.

Scheduling Woes and Competitive Pressure:

Another possible explanation for the minimal promotion of “Teenage Kraken” is a scheduling concern. Initially, Universal had planned to release the movie on June 30th, but they had already slated Illumination’s duck-based road trip movie, “Migration,” for the same date. June, being the peak of summer, is an intensely competitive time for the film industry. This year alone, it will see the release of highly anticipated films such as “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts,” “Pixar’s Elemental,” and “The Flash.” Furthermore, sharing the same release date with the iconic Indiana Jones in “The Dial of Destiny” adds to the already fierce competition. Universal may have believed that “Teenage Kraken” would have better chances in this challenging calendar slot, where studios strive to put out their best movies to cater to the summer vacationing demographic.

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The Marketing Dilemma and Hopes for Redemption:

Whether due to prioritizing a proven success or strategic scheduling, “Teenage Kraken” has been left in an unsettling position. However, there is a glimmer of hope for the movie. Universal recently announced a June 15th premiere for “Teenage Kraken” at the NFC Film Festival, allowing for a two-week window to generate positive critical reactions. If Universal has faith in the movie, it is expected that they will finally invest in a marketing push closer to its release date. Positive critical reception coupled with a compelling marketing campaign might help “Teenage Kraken” overcome the obstacles it has faced.


DreamWorks Animation’s “Teenage Kraken: Ruby Gilman” stands as a testament to the challenges faced by original properties in a highly competitive film industry. While the absence of promotion has left fans concerned, the reasons behind it appear to lie with Universal’s focus on their lucrative Super Mario movie and the challenging release date. As the movie gears up for its premiere at the NFC Film Festival, all eyes will be on “Teenage

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