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New Nintendo Animated Movies Coming Soon

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Nintendo fans, get ready for some exciting news! Nintendo is planning to bring its iconic characters to the big screen in a series of highly anticipated animated movies. From a Donkey Kong movie to The Legend of Zelda, viewers can look forward to seeing their favorite Nintendo heroes and villains in theaters soon.

Nintendo Animated Movies: Donkey Kong Country

The Donkey Kong movie is already in development and is expected to be a spin-off of the highly successful Super Mario Bros movie made in 2023. Although there is not much information available about the production and release date, confirmed cast members and rumors suggest that the film will be released soon. Fans should expect to see familiar faces from the Super Mario Bros movie, with Seth Rogen reprising his role as the voice of the beloved King of Swing.

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Super Mario Bros 2 Movie

While Nintendo has yet to give an official green light to a Super Mario Bros 2 movie, it is highly anticipated by fans. The end credit sequence of the first movie served as a confirmation that a sequel would happen, and rumors about Illumination and Universal collaborating with Nintendo on a Super Mario Bros movie started circulating in 2017. Although the first film was in development for longer than it should have been, with the pandemic causing further delays, it is likely that a sequel will be greenlit soon.

Kirby & Pokemon

Kirby and Pokemon are two other popular Nintendo characters that are rumored to have film franchises in development. While Kirby has had a few animated movies in Japan and Pokemon has had numerous animated movies released, both characters could be given a brand new film in the near future. However, adapting a video game into a movie is one of the most difficult challenges in cinema and requires a lot of time, effort, and talent to stay true to the source material while giving fans something fresh to enjoy.

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Legend of Zelda

Finally, there is a lot of excitement around the potential of a film adaptation of The Legend of Zelda, which is considered one of Nintendo’s best franchises after Super Mario Bros. The game has a lot of potential for a film adaptation, with a hero named Link battling villains to save the kingdom, and a rumor by Giant Freaking Robot suggests that an animated movie is already in development.

In conclusion, Nintendo fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming years, with a series of highly anticipated animated movies in the works featuring their favorite characters. While there may be challenges in adapting video games to the big screen, the success of the recent Super Mario Bros movie has opened the door for many more franchises to be brought to life. We can’t wait to see what Nintendo and its partners have in store for us!

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