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THE BAD GUYS 2 (2024) Everything We Know

The Bad Guys: A Sequel We Deserve

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Being good just feels so good. When you’re good, you love new villains, more exciting storylines, and the same cast members. Sounds like the perfect plan for the bad guys too, right? But wait, does this mean we’re finally getting a sequel? Is this confirmed? Who’s on board for it? Let’s dive into what The Bad Guys 2 may have in store.

It’s The Bad Guys Animated Movie

The most important thing for now is that The Bad Guy’s director is on board for the next adventure. The Bad Guys, released on April 22nd, 2022, remains one of the best-animated feature films that are actually for both kids and adults. If you haven’t seen the film yet, well, what are you waiting for? The Bad Guy says everything you look for in a good animated feature film. It includes humor, fantasy, and, of course, fun.

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This was actually a film we never knew we needed so much. I hope you feel the same way because it looks like we’re finally going to see a sequel to this masterpiece. Although nothing’s been officially confirmed yet, the director of the film seems to be particularly interested in the idea of a follow-up or a continuation of some kind. Any kind! Maybe we’ll be given a prequel. Who knows? One thing we know for sure is that it’s always fun to speculate and go through every possibility.

With its perfect cast ensemble, incredible storylines, and even better source material, The Bad Guys took the world by storm back in 2022. Based on Erin Blabberley’s children book series of the same name, the movie finished the year as the second highest-grossing animated flick of 2022. We already mentioned the amazing cast ensemble, which includes Sam Rockwell, who voices Mr. Wolf, the leader of the Bad Guys gang.

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Will Mr. Wolf Return in The Bad Guys 2?

Mr. Wolf is not like the others. He’s actually a self-conscious theft who wants to be better every day. He also tries to take the rest of the gang on the right path in life. The rest of the cast includes Aquafina, Anthony Ramos, Alex Borstein, and Lily Singh. We would love to see them reprise their roles in the potential second installment because they were truly one of the most prominent features in the film.

In an interview with the Digital Fix, the director Pierre said he would do a sequel if fans want to see one. In fact, he already came up with a story about a sequel. While trying to keep potential plot details under wraps, he revealed that he wants to continue the story with the same characters. In his own words, he thinks the audience would love that too. He also said, “You need to smash that like button if you haven’t done it already.”

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Okay, seriously, The Bad Guys did a great job of gathering all generations together to enjoy a simple yet amazing flick. It truly deserves a continuation of some kind. But what if we get a TV show instead? Mixed opinions followed when rumours suggested that a TV show following the same plot was already in development. We’ll talk about this a little later on in the video.

In the first installment, viewers followed Mr. Wolf, a criminal mind who has loyal theft criminal friends, and together, they do rip-offs. Mr. Snake, Mr. Shark, Mr. Piranha, and Ms. Tarantula. This is until a big twist occurs, and the thieves are which is when the characters realize maybe they’re too good for this kind of job. A lot of people started linking the film to Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds, and they had every right to do this.

About one year ago, Mark said someone is doing a TV series using the same storylines from the Bad Guy Source material. Our fellows at Digital Fix sat down with the animated movies cast Mark, Craig, and Anthony and used the opportunity to ask them about any future ideas for a sequel. The answers were surprising, to say the least.

“I think they’re doing a TV show. I don’t know,” Mark said, explaining that one of his friends came to him and admitted that he went on an addition to play him in a cartoon. “His friend was like, ‘They’re looking for you, Craig.’ “

Craig and Anthony laughed and assured fans they would love to do a sequel. As for the TV show, we honestly have no idea who’s making it. Maybe this whole thing was just an idea. Maybe someone is really making a TV show based on the same story. Whatever the case, the cast and the director of the film are all more interested in a sequel rather than a TV series.

What Direction Will The Bad Guys 2 Movie Go In?

The Bad Guys can go in any direction. Literally. It can go anywhere, and it would still be good. The story could easily continue with Mr. Wolf and his thieves fellas, but this time, we can see them as heroes rather than thieves. As mentioned before, the first film has so many wild plot twists, a trend that could easily continue in the second film as it proved to be successful already.

Mr. Wolf and his crew of thieves are just a group of misunderstood criminals, and they really try to be better. By the end of the first film, they won by stopping Marmalade’s wicked plan to frame them and steal millions of dollars of charity money in Los Angeles. The governor, Diane Foxington, played a key role in their redemption, and we expect to see her again in a potential follow-up.

The Bad Guys 2 is expected to release in 2025!

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