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The Creator of Hunter X Hunter Confirmed the Return of the Series

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Hunter x Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi recently announced on Twitter that chapter #401 of the series is completed, hinting at a potential return. The manga has experienced frequent hiatuses in the past due to Togashi’s health problems, which have affected his productivity. The release of the new chapter may depend on the implementation of a new production system to assist in the drawing process. Despite the lack of updates following Togashi’s tweet, fans have remained enthusiastic and supportive of the series. Hunter x Hunter continues to maintain its enduring popularity despite the uncertainty surrounding its return.

Hunter X Hunter Confirmed the Return

Togashi had taken a three-month hiatus before announcing on Twitter that chapter #401 of Hunter x Hunter is completed. In his tweet, he mentioned that although the production system is not fixed, he is glad that his work time at the desk has gradually increased. This confirmation that the chapter is finished gave fans hope for the return of the series, but no further news has been released since then.

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The author’s health problems, particularly issues with his back, have been well-known among Hunter x Hunter fans. These problems prevent Togashi from sitting or standing for prolonged periods, resulting in productivity issues. The series has been on hiatus multiple times due to these health concerns. After a four-year break, the manga returned to serialization in October 2022 with ten new chapters. However, Togashi’s health worsened upon returning to drawing, prompting another hiatus after the publication of the tenth chapter.

Fans found hope in the announcement accompanying chapter #400, which stated that Hunter x Hunter would continue in a format other than weekly serialization to accommodate Togashi’s needs. This led to speculation that the manga might be published in another Shueisha magazine, such as the monthly V-Jump. Togashi’s tweet about the production system not being defined could be referring to the new publication schedule or the decision to involve his assistants more in the drawing process. The possibility of his studio taking care of the drawings while he focuses on writing was hinted at by one of Hunter x Hunter’s assistants, who mentioned that many more chapters are already written and ready to be drawn. However, it remains unclear if this is Togashi’s preferred solution.

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Despite the uncertainty surrounding the series’ return, Togashi’s tweet garnered widespread attention and support from fans, demonstrating the enduring popularity of Hunter x Hunter. The series has a dedicated fan base that remains loyal even in the face of hiatuses and uncertainty.

In conclusion, Hunter x Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi announced the completion of chapter #401, suggesting a potential return for the series. Togashi’s health problems have impacted his productivity and led to frequent hiatuses in the past. The release of the new chapter may depend on the implementation of a new production system. Despite the lack of updates, fans continue to show enthusiasm and support for Hunter x Hunter, highlighting its enduring popularity.

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