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This Upcoming Disney Show May Be The New Owl House

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The Disney Channel recently announced a new show, Hailey’s On It, which is set to premiere later this year. After the end of The Owl House, fans of story-driven shows were worried about the future of Disney’s programming. However, Hailey’s On It could be the start of a brand new era of shows. It just may even be the new Owl House.

Hailey’s On It First Trailer Released by Disney

The first trailer for the show has been released, and while it doesn’t reveal too much, it gives us a glimpse of what we can expect. Hailey, a typical teenage girl who prefers to stay in her comfort zone, is told by Lady Terminator that she will save the world, and her bucket list plays a vital role in it.

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The trailer also shows Beta, a futuristic robot that saves Hailey’s bucket list when another robot attempts to shred it. Beta’s design and the fact that she is shown fighting in the trailer suggests that there will be physical conflict in the show. The time-travel aspect of the show adds an exciting element to the plot.

One interesting aspect of the trailer is the focus on relationships. Hailey is excited to kiss her crush and best friend, Scott Denoga, and it appears that their relationship will play a significant role in the show. While this could be a positive aspect of the show, it could also result in a cheesy and stereotypical portrayal of relationships.

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Could Hailey’s On It Be The New Owl House

Hailey’s On It has the potential to be a standout show for the Disney Channel, similar to The Owl House, Amphibia, Adventure Time, and Regular Show. It encourages viewers to step outside their comfort zones to achieve their goals, as shown through Hailey’s character development. Fans may see this title as the new Owl House.

While it’s too early to make any judgments about the show, the trailer has definitely piqued the interest of many viewers. We have only been given a glimpse of what’s to come, but the wiki for the show provides additional information about possible antagonists and side characters.

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Overall, Hailey’s On It has the potential to be an exciting and innovative show for the Disney Channel. Viewers will have to wait until the show premieres to see if it lives up to expectations. Nevertheless, Hailey’s character development, time-travel aspect, and the potential for interesting relationships make it a show worth watching for many fans.

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