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Top 10 Hilarious Moments from Archer Season 14 Episode 3

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Archer Season 14 Episode 3, titled “Plaque Removal,” takes Archer, Zara, and Lana to England to protect sacred artifacts for a British museum. The banter between Archer and Zara continues, providing a crackling energy throughout the episode. Pam’s attempts at an English accent set the tone for the episode, with hilarious results. Lana compromises her convictions to gain the curator’s respect for her daughter’s education, leading to a funny and sad dynamic.

Laugh-Out-Loud Highlights: Archer Season 14 Episode 3

The episode revolves around the gang’s mission to protect a sacred gold Nigerian plaque, which is suspected to be the next target of a notorious thief. The curator believes that Archer, Zara, and Lana have what it takes to stop the thief if necessary. However, Archer is particularly on edge due to the possible curse associated with the artifact.

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The banter between Archer and Zara, along with their interactions with Lana, provides some of the funniest moments of the episode. Pam’s exaggerated attempts at replicating an English accent add to the comedic tone. However, Zara takes offense at being reduced to a single archetype, highlighting the tendency to stereotype English people. Archer’s casual cruelty adds to the humor but raises questions about why he is still allowed on international missions.

Archer, true to his character, immediately starts flirting with the curator, but his advances are not well received. The curator later uses flirtation to manipulate Archer for her own benefit, leaving him high and dry.

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While Archer, Zara, and Lana are protecting the artifact, Pam, Cheryl, and Cyril are tasked with assessing the new employees at the office. Their lack of a template for conducting interviews leads to hilarity, as each of them has wildly different questions and criteria.

Lana’s motivation for gaining the curator’s respect goes beyond the mission. She wants her daughter to attend a prestigious British school, and the curator is on the school’s board. Watching Lana compromise her convictions to gain favor with the curator is both funny and a little sad.

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The episode includes nods to the Indiana Jones franchise, with the thief making references to the famous line “belongs in a museum” and cracking a bullwhip. A discussion about “finders keepers” leads to Archer claiming a stranger’s drink as his own, despite objections from Lana and Zara.

Archer’s mind is blown when the curator invites him to a room above a pub, leading him to wonder about the possibility of mythical creatures like Hobbits existing in England. Archer later blames an ancient curse for his performance issues in the bedroom, using it as an excuse and prompting him to find the Nigerian plaque with urgency.

Pam’s decision to give everyone a raise, despite Lana already doing so the previous week, leads to an uncomfortable task of breaking the news to the employees. To soften the blow, Pam relies on her trusted tool for HR mediation, Beauregard the dolphin puppet.

The episode concludes with Archer and the gang letting the thief go, realizing that the curse may have been a fabrication to ensure the safe return of the artifact. Lana and Zara point out that if curses aren’t real, Archer’s bedroom issues can’t be blamed on the supernatural. However, Archer decides that curses are real on a case-by-case basis and only pertaining to him and impotence.

Overall, “Plaque Removal” delivers laughs and continues the witty banter between the characters that fans have come to love in Archer Season 14.

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