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Top 7 Most Emotional The Owl House Moments

The Owl House: Top 10 Most Emotional Moments

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The Owl House is an extraordinary show, and its limited run has touched the hearts of many. It’s hard to pick just 7 emotional moments from this brilliant and imaginative masterpiece, but we’ve attempted to compile a list that may resonate with viewers. Brace yourself, as we journey through the most heart-wrenching scenes from this show’s brief yet spectacular run.

7. Eda’s Requiem

The word “Requiem” means repose for the dead, which is fitting given the damaging effects of eat a song. In this scene, Eda and Rain fully intend to sacrifice themselves if it means taking down Emperor Bellows. While Rain is often seen acting for the greater good, Eda has other personal reasons for her passion this time around. With the expectation that both loose and King will want to go back to their real parents soon enough, Eda fears abandonment. The mental state she’s in seems to make self-sacrificing an easy choice. But luckily, Rain is the voice of reason that doesn’t stop them taking the hit to save Eda. Of course, we’re hurting all over again after this scene.

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6. King Learns the Truth

King’s backstory is rather tragic, and the truth was a lot to take in. In Echoes of the Past, Eda was finally honest with him about how and where she first found him, and his reaction to the whole thing is just heartbreaking. It’s no wonder that the sight of him in tears is so much sadder than it has any right to be.

5. Eda’s Curse

So much of Eda’s arc is about her struggle with the owl beast and trying to bear her curse, which has hurt people before, including her father – an accident she never quite forgave herself for. It all comes to a head in Agony of a Witch when she’s running out of magic, and losing saves King. The decision is not a difficult one to make, and Eda’s speech as she says goodbye to Loose is enough to make us hit pause on our screens. Emotions are running high all across the board in this scene.

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4. Willow’s Mental Health

After starting out as the underdog, Willow slowly but surely began to reinvent herself. Through tragedy and turmoil, Willow was always everyone’s rock, but eventually, we started to see the cracks in the stone. This scene is a prime reminder that stuffing feelings down is not a good idea. Hunter and Gus ultimately help her through it, and it’s incredibly touching to watch those walls finally come down.

3. Luz Opens Up

This is a quieter moment, but just as impactful as some of the bigger expressions of emotion this year. From the first time we got a glimpse of Luz’s home life, it became clear her father was not in the picture. Luz’s video diary hits harder after this scene.

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2. Luz’s Promise

Finding out that the daughter who came home to you is actually a basilisk from a different realm where your real daughter has been living for the last few months is a lot to take in. Finding out that your daughter willingly fled and chose to stay in that realm is a lot more to take in. It’s a jumble of emotions and we’re crying.

1. Hunter’s Entire Arc

This poor boy’s life is doused in tragedy. He’s not on the right side of the fight, and he’s not even a witch. Hunter is slowly working through everything and starting to turn over a new leaf, but then his “beloved” uncle returns to literally take possession of his body. This one was not a lost cause because…


The Owl House is a show that manages to speak to every emotion. In this brief but spectacular run, viewers have experienced so many feelings, and we’ve highlighted just ten of the most emotional moments. These scenes have left us crying and hurting but also filled us with hope and love. The Owl House is an extraordinary show, and it’s a testament to the power of storytelling that it can resonate with so many viewers.

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