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Totally Spies Weird Reboot Confuses Everyone

Totally Spies: Whoop World - A Thrilling Revival of Teenage Super Spies

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Totally Spies, the beloved animated action show about three teenage super spies, is making a comeback and it’s better than ever. After a strong run with six seasons, a movie, and a spin-off show, the series came to an end in 2014. However, there was a gap of several years between seasons 5 and 6, and the fan reaction to the last season was lukewarm, making it seem unlikely that the show would continue. To add to the disappointment, Cartoon Network, the main channel broadcasting Totally Spies in the United States, didn’t air season 6, leaving the show seemingly concluded with the season 5 finale.

Totally Spies Season 6

But hope was not lost for fans of Totally Spies. In 2019, Universal Kids finally aired the long-awaited season 6, five years after its original English air date, introducing the final season to a new audience. This new broadcast sparked excitement and speculation about the show’s potential return. The rumors were confirmed in early 2022 when Thomas Ostric, an industry professional and a big fan of the original show, shared news of a revival.

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A key visual showcasing the new designs of the main cast further fueled the excitement and gave us a subtitle for the new season: “Whoop World.” However, there was some confusion initially regarding whether it would be a reboot or a continuation. French broadcaster Gulli cleared up the confusion and confirmed that the new season is a direct follow-up to the original show. While there were initial plans for a 2023 launch, fans discovered an article in a licensing magazine that revealed a delay until 2024. Despite the delay, the same magazine also disclosed that this revival project would go beyond just an animated show. The team behind Totally Spies is planning a series of promotional webtoons as well as audiobooks produced by BookWire.

Interestingly, despite Cartoon Network dropping the show after season 5, their parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, picked up the US broadcast rights for season 7. This unexpected turn of events led to Cartoon Network tweeting out an announcement of the show’s return, accompanied by an updated visual that brings Clover’s hairstyle closer to her original look.

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Totally Spies Reboot Plot

While the plot of the new season remains unconfirmed, some details have already been revealed. A key visual shared at MIPCOM introduced four additional characters, one of whom is clearly the spies’ handler, Jerry, making a return for the new season. The identities of the other three characters remain a mystery, although the “W” patch on the man in the top right suggests that he is a fellow member of the girls’ spy agency, WOOHP. According to the licensing magazine, the new season will feature the spies in a new city, facing all-new villains. It seems likely that the show will strive to strike a balance between attracting first-time viewers with fresh content and including nostalgic elements to please fans of the original series.

As excitement for the return of Totally Spies grows, Cartoon Network fans find themselves engaged in a heated debate over a cartoon goldfish. The details of this debate remain undisclosed, but it speaks to the passionate fan base that the show has built over the years.

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In conclusion, Totally Spies is making a triumphant return to our screens, reviving the thrilling adventures of the teenage super spies. With a confirmed direct follow-up to the original show, new designs, additional characters, and plans for promotional webtoons and audiobooks, this revival promises to deliver something special. Fans eagerly await the launch in 2024, eager to see the spies in action once again. Get ready to be totally thrilled by Totally Spies: Whoop World!

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