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10 Unexpected Betrayals in Anime

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Betrayal is a common theme in anime, and it often comes as a shock to the audience. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most brutal betrayals in anime.

One of the first brutal betrayals mentioned is Straizo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. He was an ally in the first part of the series but reappears in part two as a villain. It turns out that he was terrified of growing older and used the Stone Mask to maintain his youth. He targeted the surviving members of the Joestar family, even killing his deceased friend’s wife and grandson.

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Betrayals in Anime

Next, we have Albert Maverick from Tiger & Bunny. He was a mentor to Barnaby and the mastermind behind the deaths of Barnaby’s parents. Maverick had been using Barnaby his whole life for personal gain and power.

Kyubey from Madoka Magica is a seemingly innocent mascot character who is revealed to be part of a species that creates magical girls, only for them to become witches and die. Kyubey sees it as a necessary sacrifice for the greater good.

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In Assassination Classroom, Kaede Kayano turns out to be plotting a massive betrayal. She adopts a fake persona to get close to Koro-sensei, whom she believed to be her sister’s killer. Her true identity is revealed, and she eventually realizes that Koro-sensei is not the one responsible for her sister’s death.

Uryu Ishida in Bleach betrays his friend Ichigo by siding with the Quincy, his own people. This betrayal is a shock to Ichigo and sets up future conflicts.

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In Attack on Titan, Reiner, Annie, and Bertolt are revealed to be the human forms of the Titans that attacked the city. They had infiltrated the Survey Corps as spies, betraying their own comrades.

In Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, the entire Section 9 team is betrayed by corrupt forces in the government. They are framed for crimes and must fight to survive.

Wolfwood in Trigun was a member of the Gung-Ho Guns and was assigned to keep Vash alive while watching him suffer. He is later ordered to kill Vash but ultimately sacrifices himself to save him.

Shou Tucker in Fullmetal Alchemist is initially presented as a friendly character but is revealed to have used his wife and daughter in a horrific experiment to create a Chimera. This betrayal is particularly shocking and leads to Tucker’s demise.

Finally, Kaworu Nagisa in Evangelion is a character whose betrayal is up for debate. He shows up late in the series and has a significant impact on the main character, but his true intentions are not clear, leading to a shocking turn of events.

These betrayals in anime show that even beloved characters can turn on their allies, leading to heartbreaking and shocking moments. Fans are often left stunned, just like the characters themselves.

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