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Adult Swim’s Uzumaki Anime: Junji Ito’s Horror Manga Comes Alive

Adult Swim Releases Spine-Tingling Trailer for Uzumaki Anime, Based on Junji Ito's Iconic Spiral Horror Manga

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Adult Swim has released a trailer for the highly anticipated Uzumaki anime, based on Junji Ito’s iconic spiral horror manga. This marks the first time in two decades that the Japanese horror manga series will be brought to life as an anime. The trailer offers a glimpse into the eerie world of ‘Kurouzu-cho’ created by Ito.

Adult Swim Uzumaki Anime Series Trailer

The trailer begins with Shuichi Saito discussing the strange events happening in the town with his girlfriend Kirie Goshima. He expresses his concerns about the whirlpools and whirlwinds that have been appearing in the town lately, attributing them to the strange behavior of his father, who has become fixated on spirals and isolates himself in his study surrounded by spiral objects.

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Uzumaki follows the story of Kirie, a high school girl residing in Kurouzu-cho. She discovers that the town is cursed by spirals, which manifest as obsessions that affect the residents’ bodies, minds, and souls.

Adult Swim Uzumaki Anime Series Trailer

The announcement of the anime adaptation was made at the 2019 Crunchyroll Expo, with Studio Drive and Studio Akatsuki collaborating on the project. The production was also supported by Production I.G USA and Adult Swim’s Williams Street. Director Hiroshi Nagahama, known for his work on acclaimed anime like Mushishi, Detroit Metal City, and The Flowers of Evil, was in charge of the project. The haunting music was composed by Colin Stetson. A teaser for the anime was released in 2021, generating excitement among fans.

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The creative director of Adult Swim, Jason DeMarco, expressed his enthusiasm about adapting one of Junji Ito’s renowned works. He assembled a team of dedicated creators to do justice to the horror manga. Uzumaki has gained popularity beyond its manga origins, with adaptations into two video games for the WonderSwan console and a spine-chilling live-action film directed by Higunchinsky. The manga also received critical acclaim in the English-speaking world, earning an Eisner Award nomination in 2003 and being included in the Young Adult Library Services Association’s “Top 10 Graphic Novels for Teens” list in 2009.

The Uzumaki anime will be broadcast on Toonami later this year, further adding to the excitement surrounding the adaptation.

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