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Black Butler Anime Makes a Thrilling Comeback After Nine Years

The Resurrection of Black Butler: An Anime Comeback After a Nine-Year Hiatus

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In an unexpected turn of events, Crunchyroll has made a groundbreaking announcement at Anime Expo 2023, revealing a revival of the beloved anime series, Black Butler. Partnering with Aniplex, they have struck a deal to produce a new season of the show. While the confirmation of the entire original cast is pending, the return of Daisuke Ono and Maya Sakamoto as Sebastian and Ciel, respectively, has been confirmed. This news has sent shockwaves of excitement throughout the fan base, as it marks a long-awaited return after a nine-year hiatus.

The Black Butler franchise

The Black Butler franchise has remained idol since its last anime season aired in 2014. Fans never expected a return to regular seasonal anime, but Crunchyroll’s announcement has brought renewed hope and anticipation. The new season will continue the existing anime, rather than being a remake. This decision aligns with the series’ shift towards non-seasonal releases, as seen in the Book of Murder OVA and the Book of the Atlantic movie, which adapted the Phantom Hive Manor murders Arc and the luxury liner Arc, respectively.

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Despite the efforts to sustain the franchise through OVA and film releases, a significant portion of the Black Butler manga remains unadapted. Over the nine years, the manga has continued publication, introducing captivating story arcs such as the Public School, Emerald Witch, Blue Cult, and Blue Memory arcs. The ongoing Blue Revenge Arc has become the longest story in the manga to date, spanning more than 50 chapters. With this vast amount of source material, the new season has the potential to explore years of content, although it’s likely to focus on the Public School Arc initially.

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The change in studios marks another notable development in Black Butler’s anime production. For the past seven years, A1 Pictures had handled the series, but now, CloverWorks will helm the upcoming season. CloverWorks, formerly A1’s Koengie Studio, gained independence to establish its unique voice and style. This transition offers the opportunity for a fresh and distinct interpretation of the series, potentially enriching the visual and storytelling elements.

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Black Butler’s revival

The announcement of Black Butler’s revival after a nine-year hiatus has stirred up excitement and anticipation among fans worldwide. Crunchyroll’s partnership with antiplex and the return of key voice actors signal a promising continuation of the beloved anime series. While the focus on the Public School Arc is expected for the new season, the abundance of unadapted manga material leaves room for potential future installments. With CloverWorks taking the reins from A1 Pictures, fans eagerly await a fresh and stylish approach that will bring new life to the series.

As the Black Butler anime makes its triumphant return, it stands alongside other notable revivals in the anime industry. Naruto, for example, is also making a comeback with a special centered on Minato, adding to the wave of excitement and nostalgia sweeping through the anime community. With these beloved series resurfacing, fans can relish the joy of revisiting their favorite characters and immerse themselves once again in the captivating worlds they offer.

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