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Boruto Time Skip is Here After Reveal of Sudden Hiatus

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The world of shinobi is abuzz with big news, and Boruto fans are in for a rough patch. Following the announcement that the anime series has gone on hiatus after Episode 293, fans were hoping that the manga would capitalize on this break and move ahead of the TV show. However, it seems that the manga is also taking a hiatus after Chapter 80, with a three-month pause from their existing monthly schedule. Fans are geared up for the release of Chapter 81 on August 20th, which may deliver a surprise. Fans may finally receive the Boruto Time Skip!

Boruto Time Skip May Be in August

The hiatus may be more significant than fans think, suggesting that a time skip is in the works. This could bring the manga up to Episode One of the anime with a whole new plotline and status quo. After the events of Chapter 79, the Ninja World has undergone a dramatic change, and the hiatus could provide a perfect opportunity to refocus on the storyline, inject some new material, and elevate the stakes for the upcoming battles.

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This break is not out of the ordinary when it comes to mangaka. Black Clover did something similar, taking a break before beginning its final saga. One Piece also did the same after the conclusion of Wano, taking a one-month hiatus before venturing into the Egghead Arc. The idea behind such a break is to allow creators to pace themselves properly to avoid burnout, a condition that affects many writers and artists.

There’s a chance that the NaruTop99 contest may have caused this delay. Kishimoto promised to produce a one-shot focusing on the winner, fourth Hokage Minato. If crafting the story is taking longer than expected, the hiatus could give Kishimoto more time to complete it before resuming the main series. Kishimoto’s statement about the contest even suggested that the one-shot may have sparked a more extensive project, probably covering the top three contestants, including Itachi and Sakura.

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Both Boruto Anime and Manga on Hiatus

Despite the reasons behind the hiatus, fans are disappointed about the lack of new ninja content for the next few months, with the anime and manga both on hiatus simultaneously. This will likely cause a delay in Boruto’s “part two,” with the anime potentially starting original arcs to allow the manga to progress. However, the fandom’s spirit remains strong, with fans already planning rewatch parties and eagerly speculating about the new status quo shifts expected to follow once the manga returns.

Ultimately, nobody likes their favorite manga going on hiatus, but the excitement and anticipation for the next chapter’s release only get more intense with the wait. The pause offers the creators a chance to refresh, come up with new ideas and material, and deliver fans an explosive new plotline to keep them hooked and leave them wanting more.

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In other anime news, fans of Pokémon can celebrate a new season with a whole new Pokémon. The show is now airing without Ash, which will be a surprise for many who have grown up watching him participate in all of his exciting journeys. Although Ash’s departure from the show may be a shock for fans, there is still plenty of action in store, with fans eagerly waiting to see how this new approach to the series will unfold.

In conclusion, the hiatus of the Boruto manga may dampen fans’ spirits temporarily; however, it offers creators the opportunity to deliver a refreshed, reinvigorated story that sets the fandom on fire. So let’s wait for this hiatus to end, and we’ll be rewarded with a much-anticipated and explosive return.

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