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Boruto WILL KILL Sasuke & Sarada Will Finds OUT

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Boruto has been slowly building towards a climactic battle. The latest events have shown that chaos is set to reign in the peaceful world of the Naruto series. With Boruto being possessed by Momoshiki and Sasuke seemingly set for a tragic end, fans are on the edge of their seats, wondering what fate awaits their beloved characters. Will momoshiki and Boruto kill Sasuke?

Konoha Village is Unstable and Sasuke is the Staple

First, a glance at the current state of affairs is important. The Leaf is in a somewhat stable position, with Boruto recovering from his injury, and everyone looking to track down Kawaki. However, this relative calm is only illusory as the forces of Code, Ida, and Momoshiki lurk in the shadows.

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Code is a powerful and unpredictable villain, with the ability to attack the village whenever he feels like it. Ida’s loyalty, on the other hand, is uncertain and dependent on her relationship with Kawaki. It remains to be seen if she will turn against the village in the future. Lastly, Momoshiki is a destabilizing presence, with no clear allegiance and only his whims guiding his actions.

Momoshiki Boruto Will Kill Sasuke

Sasuke seems to be the most vulnerable character right now, with all signs pointing towards his demise. The parallels between Boruto and Kawaki’s relationship to Sasuke and Naruto in the past hint that Boruto may be the one to take Sasuke out of the picture. Just as Kawaki did with Naruto. Whether it is Boruto or Momoshiki directly causing Sasuke’s death, the tragic event seems inevitable.

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Momoshiki remains a dangerous presence, and the recent events show that Boruto may not truly have control over him. While it is true that a physical injury may trigger Momoshiki’s possession, he has also shown up uninvited in the past, indicating that Boruto’s control may not be as strong as we thought it was.

While the Leaf appears to be relatively stable, there are several potential sources of chaos. The alliance with Ida and Damien hangs by a thread as they are only in the Leaf to be close to Kawaki. Code is unpredictable and may attack at any moment. Together, these forces could turn on the Leaf and cause more destruction than the village can handle.

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Boruto’s Future in the Anime Leading to the Time Skip

In such a scenario, Boruto’s only option would be to turn to Momoshiki’s power. With his controlling presence, Momoshiki remains the most effective weapon in Boruto’s arsenal. However, this power comes with a cost, and the more Boruto relies on it, the more his personality may be subsumed by Momoshiki’s.

The endgame for Boruto remains unclear, and many fans remain worried about the fate of their favorite characters. However, one thing is certain – chaos and destruction loom on the horizon. As the forces of Code, Ida, and Momoshiki swirl around, the Leaf is set to be engulfed in a storm of violence. The ultimate fate of Sasuke, Boruto, and the rest of the Leaf is yet to be decided. However, one thing is clear – the coming battle will be a spectacle to behold.

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