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Boruto’s Suffering Is About To Get A Lot Worse

Boruto Suffers in Momoshiki's Prophecy

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The fan-favorite manga series Boruto has captivated audiences since its debut. The son of the protagonist of the earlier Naruto series, Boruto, carries on the legacy of his father, showcasing his growth as a shinobi. During recent events in the story we witness the beginning of Boruto’s suffering. Momoshiki’s prophecy states it’s about to get a lot worse…

The Beginning of Boruto’s Suffering

The latest chapter, Chapter 79, has left an impact in the community, with fans speculating about the plotline for upcoming chapters. The chapter shows the unfolding of Momo’s prophesy, which predicted that Boruto would lose everything.

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The chapter explicitly revealed Momoshiki’s statement about Boruto’s suffering not being over yet. Moreover, the hint that there’s another part of the prophecy that hasn’t been unveiled has fans anxious. Eida’s ability to use the omnipotence of Shinjutsu and Sarada’s immunity have added to fans’ worries about the plot’s direction.

Momoshiki’s prophecy

Momoshiki’s statement about how the immunity to Shinjutsu brings suffering is particularly concerning. Although most of the people Boruto cares about are not immune, the only person we know for certain isn’t affected is Sarada.

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The revelation that Boruto will experience a heart-wrenching moment of despair and surrender his willful existence to Momoshiki has fans concerned about the execution of the plotline. To fall into despair, Boruto must experience severe loss, and the manga’s style implies that this is inevitable.

Boruto is now on the run, having to fend for himself each day. The recent showdown with Kawaki has outlined that without the karma seal, Boruto can still take on anyone in his generation.

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Theory About How Boruto Will Suffer

One theory is that Boruto will continue to experience the pain of loss and grow stronger through it. The story is unique in many ways, with Boruto already having everything, unlike his father, Naruto, who had nothing when he was a child. With recent events, Boruto now has nothing and is now on the hunt.

The other potential explanation for Momushiki’s takeover could be the serious harm or death of someone Boruto deeply cares about. While it’s uncertain which character could meet this fate, it’s been speculated that Sarada might be the one to suffer.

Sarada is immune to Shinjutsu and has been protected by Boruto in the past. This presents a potential vulnerability for her. Boruto’s protective nature towards Sarada was evident in the Boruto movie novel. He was screaming to protect her when Momoshiki attacked, even sending out multiple Shadow clones even though he knew it would be ineffective.

The possibilities of who could suffer, die or get seriously injured to bring Momoshiki’s prophecy into fruition are endless. This idea of loss and sacrifice is characteristic of the mastermind behind this franchise, Masashi Kishimoto, and has kept fans engaged from start to finish.

In conclusion, the recent events in Chapter 79 of the Boruto manga have given fans a lot to ponder over. Momoshiki’s prophecy about Boruto losing everything, his suffering not being over, and the possibility of Sarada’s fate have left fans feeling anxious. Regardless of what happens, the Boruto series will continue to enthral audiences and leave behind a lasting legacy that it shares with its predecessor, Naruto.

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