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Daemon’s Ability and Weakness Explained in the Boruto Anime

Damon's Reflection Ability: Breaking Down the Weaknesses

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Boruto has had us all on the edge of our seats with its thrilling plot twists and edge-of-your-seat action sequences. One of the most curious aspects of the series has been the seemingly indestructible Daemon’s ability of reflection. The question of how to get around this ability and find his weaknesses has remained one of the biggest questions in the series.

Daemon’s Ability and Weakness Explained

We already know that Damien needs to be touching somebody to reflect an attack. However, this ability is more complex than it initially appears, and his weaknesses are not immediately clear. Fortunately, recent chapters of the story have given us some insights into the nature of the reflection ability.

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First and foremost, we have to pay close attention to the specific wording used to describe Damien’s abilities. In chapter 75, Amaru says that Damien reflects all attacks and any action that would inflict harm upon him, and though it’s necessary for his hand to be touching another person, his ability will also transfer to the person currently touching him. However, what Amaru says does not entirely match up with what we observe in the story.

Examples Based on Daemon’s Ability Theory

For example, Amaru mentions that it’s necessary for Damien’s hand to be touching another person, but he only refers to one hand, suggesting that Damien may only need to touch somebody with one hand to reflect attacks. We see this in chapter 75 when Damien’s right hand wasn’t touching anybody, but his left hand off-panel looks like it must have been touching Ada somewhere since Kawaki’s attack got reflected.

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This observation could point to a possible weakness in Damien’s reflection ability. Just like how Ada likes to hide her left hand all the time, this might mean that Damien’s left hand is key to his reflection ability. However, we should note that Amaru’s use of “hand” could still mean that Damien can use either hand for his ability.

Furthermore, it appears that some of what Amaru says doesn’t line up with what we see in the story. Amaru mentions that Damien reflects all attacks and any action that would inflict harm upon him. However, we see instances where this isn’t entirely true. In chapter 69, we see that Shikamaru can attack Ada if the Jutsu doesn’t inflict any harm. This implies that Damien’s reflection ability might not be as omnipotent as we initially thought.

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We See Evidence in Chapter 60 of the Boruto Manga

We also see evidence of this in chapter 60 when code tried to use his claw marks on Damien but they were reflected back onto himself instead. Code’s ability doesn’t inflict any harm on Ada, which means that Damien’s reflection ability also reflects attacks that don’t inflict harm on him.

Moreover, we see three examples where Damien was touching someone, and something didn’t get reflected. For instance, in chapter 67, code pulls Damien through his claw mark so he could reflect Kawaki’s attack. However, if one of Damien’s hands were touching Ada, code shouldn’t have been able to grab Damien and pull him through the claw mark.

In conclusion, while Damien’s reflection ability might seem like an infallible power, recent chapters of the story show that there are limitations to this ability. It appears that Damien’s left hand is key to his reflection ability, and there are instances where his reflection ability does not work. Understanding the specific conditions and limitations of Damien’s reflection ability is vital in developing strategies to defeat him. As the story progresses, we can only hope to learn more about this ability’s inner workings and vulnerabilities.

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