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Digimon Zero Two Is Coming Back This Year

Digimon Adventure Zero Two: What We Know So Far

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Fans of the Digimon franchise have been buzzing ever since it was announced that the original Digimon Adventure storyline is continuing with a zero-two story in 2023. The new film, Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Beginning, focuses on the younger digidestined team in their early adulthood, dealing with a mysterious digivice holder who claims to be the first human to partner with a digimon. With the majority of the digimon’s voices returning and Megumi Ogata voicing the new character, Rui Owada, this new film promises to excite both new and old fans alike.

The Importance of Digimon Continuation Stories

Continuation stories have been a vital component of the Digimon franchise, keeping the excitement flowing throughout the years. With previous continuation stories, the zero-two crew was relegated to mere defeated silhouettes. Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Beginning promises to change all that, with a story told exclusively from their perspective. Not only that, but the appearance of Rui Owada promises to add a new layer of mystery to the film, especially as he claims to be the first-ever human to partner with a digimon.

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Digimon’s Zero Two 20-Year Legacy

For fans of the original Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Beginning is a return to form. The first six minutes of the film were released online at the end of July, and the casual but meaningful check-ins with some of the characters from the zero-two world tour arc gave us a glimpse of what is to come. We see the new kid, Rui Owada, holding a cracked and lifeless digivice, a nod to last evolution kizna. Various digidestine around the world look up at an egg appearing just above Tokyo tower, a nod to the original Digimon Adventure short.

What We Can Expect From The Digimon Zero Two Film

With the majority of the digimon’s voices returning, fans can expect a trip down memory lane, reviving a twenty-year-old legacy. Fans will see their beloved characters from the zero-two arc, such as Veeamon, Hakman, Werman, Armadilloman, Padamon, and Gadamon, all voiced by their original actors.

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The appearance of Rui Owada, voiced by Megumi Ogata, is another excellent addition to the franchise. Ogata’s well-known voiceover work as Shinji Ikari in Evangelion and Yuta in Jujutsu Kaisen Zero, suggests excellent storytelling is in the film’s script. In the short video clip provided, Rui Owada is seen climbing Tokyo Tower, trying to reach an egg in the sky. The story is further developed when Rui Owada is caught by Stingmon and brought to the park where he is introduced to our zero-two cast.

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Digimon Adventure Zero Two: The Beginning is shaping up to be a fantastic film. Fans can expect to see familiar characters, hear beloved voices from the original cast, and discover a new, exciting mystery with the introduction of Rui Owada. While there is no official date for the film’s release outside of Japan, fans can expect a shorter wait time than with previous releases. One thing is certain: fans of the franchise will be eagerly waiting to discover what lies in store for the young digidestine team in early adulthood.

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