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Eida Sets Kawaki Up to Become Hokage in Boruto

Kawaki as Hokage: A Theory Worth Considering

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As fans of the Naruto franchise, we all love to speculate and come up with theories about the characters and the plot. One theory that has been on our mind has to do with Kawaki, the adopted son of Naruto. The theory proposes that Kawaki will become Hokage, the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village, and it is based on some interesting observations from the recent chapter of the Boruto manga.

Kawaki will become Hokage

The theory begins with a scene in which Eida, a new character in the Boruto series, gives Kawaki power. She tells him “you deserve power” and then uses her ability, which takes a lot out of her physically. When a random Leaf ninja finds them, Eida thanks him for his report, which is unusual behavior for someone not in a position of power. This leads to the speculation that Eida has given Kawaki and herself power, and is positioning them to be of importance within the village.

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The Future of Kawaki as Hokage

The theory further suggests that Kawaki will become the Hokage, as he is one of the most powerful people in the village right now. Eida’s power may have given him the leverage needed to become a decision-maker in the village, and to take on a title that comes with significant authority.

While some fans may consider this theory a bit far-fetched, there are some clues in the Boruto series that support it. For example, in the very first scene of the series, Kawaki appears to have some kind of authority. His posture and stance suggest that he is someone who is making the decisions and calling the shots. This is not typical of a regular ninja, but rather someone who is in a position of higher authority.

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Eida’s God-Like Abilities

Furthermore, Eida’s abilities seem to be linked to the manipulation of the minds and thoughts of others. If she could use her powers to put both herself and Kawaki in positions of power, she would have significant influence over the decision-making in the village. This is crucial, given the current state of the village, and the fact that it’s in need of strong leadership.

In conclusion, while there is no definitive proof that Kawaki will become Hokage, the theory is worth considering. Ada’s powers, coupled with Kawaki’s abilities and his position in the village, could indeed position him to become one of the most influential and powerful characters in the series. Whether this theory turns out to be true or not, one thing is certain: fans will continue to speculate and come up with their own theories, making the Naruto franchise even more fascinating than it already is.

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