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Fan of Attack on Titan Creates Functional ODM Gear in Real Life

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A YouTuber known as Jlaservideo has created a fully functional replica of the Omni-Directional Gear (ODM) from the popular anime series Attack on Titan. The ODM is a crucial tool used by the Scout Regiment in the show to fight against titans and explore the world beyond humanity’s walls. Jlaservideo, who specializes in recreating technological marvels from fiction, demonstrated the ODM in a recent video and gave a detailed explanation of how it works.

Attack on Titan Creates Functional ODM Gear

The design of Jlaservideo’s ODM was inspired by his previous invention, a version of the web shooters used by Spider-Man in the comics. In Attack on Titan, the ODM uses rope darts that are launched from a device around the user’s hips and attach to nearby buildings and trees. To replicate this functionality, Jlaservideo’s ODM utilizes a more powerful version of the CO2 cartridge device used in his web shooter. The darts are designed to stay lodged in any surface they hit, thanks to a miniaturized powder-actuated hammer.

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Unlike the ODM in the show, Jlaservideo’s version features two rope darts on each side, which can be fired simultaneously using a quick-release spring-loaded lever. To reel in the cables, the ODM utilizes a reel system with two powerful motors attached to the frame and harness. The swords and blade holders of the device were made from lightweight wood with 3D-printed spacers to separate individual blades. Similar to the show, the sword handle allows the user to quickly detach and reattach different blades.

The ODM also includes built-in laser pointers to assist with aiming and indicate targets within the device’s 60ft launch range. In the video, Jlaservideo tests the ODM by going up against a giant inflatable titan. He successfully runs up a wall using the darts and lands a blow on the titan’s neck, showcasing the functionality and effectiveness of the device.

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Attack on Titan, created by Hajime Isayama, has become one of the best-selling manga titles of all time, with over 110 million copies in circulation worldwide. The anime adaptation, produced by MAPPA and WIT Studio, is nearing its finale, with Part 2 of Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters set to premiere in Fall 2023.

Jlaservideo’s YouTube channel features more of his impressive creations and experiments. The Attack on Titan manga is available in English from Kodansha US.

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