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Hidetaka Miyazaki, From Soft’s Creator, Appears to Confirm Elden Ring 2

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In a recent interview, Hidetaka Miyazaki, game director of Elden Ring, may have hinted at the possibility of future games in the franchise. While there is no official confirmation, Miyazaki’s comments suggest that there may be more to come for the popular open-world soulslike game.

From Soft’s Creator, Appears to Confirm Elden Ring 2

The interview was featured in an official guide called Elden Ring – Books of Knowledge, Volume II, which includes exclusive content and insights from Miyazaki. In the interview, Miyazaki mentions that “some lore bit clarifications and reveals are being saved for future games.” This statement has led some fans to speculate that a sequel to Elden Ring is already in the works.

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However, it is also possible that Miyazaki’s comments are referring to additional content in the form of DLC for the current game. The upcoming Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is already confirmed and will expand the base game in terms of gameplay and lore. This is a common practice for FromSoftware, as they have released DLC for their previous games, such as the Dark Souls series.

Despite the ambiguity of Miyazaki’s statement, the success and popularity of Elden Ring make a sequel a plausible assumption. The game has been well-received both commercially and critically, and it has already established itself as one of the most important games in FromSoftware’s history. It wouldn’t be surprising if the franchise continues to grow with more sequels or DLC in the future.

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It is worth noting that FromSoftware has a track record of expanding their franchises. While games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Bloodborne have yet to see sequels, the Dark Souls series has three main games and multiple DLCs. This suggests that FromSoftware is willing to explore and expand upon successful game worlds.

For now, fans will have to wait for official announcements to get a clearer idea of what Miyazaki’s comments truly mean. The upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will likely test the success of Elden Ring once again and could potentially pave the way for future content. Regardless of the specifics, the prospect of an Elden Ring sequel is an exciting one for fans of the franchise.

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