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Panty And Stocking: A Long-Awaited Revival

After 13 Years The Most Disrespectful Anime is Back

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In the realm of anime, there are few series that have left fans yearning for more as intensely as Panty and Stocking. This beloved show, with its eccentric characters and unique storytelling, captivated viewers during its initial run in 2010. However, it concluded with a perplexing twist that left fans clamoring for closure. Now, after years of anticipation, Studio Trigger has officially announced the revival of this cult classic under the working title, “New Panty and Stocking.”

Panty And Stocking – A Decade of Frustration: Legal Deadlock and Fans’ Longing

The original series, known for its unconventional endings, was the brainchild of Studio Gainax. Yet, due to legal complexities, a continuation seemed nearly impossible. When Studio Trigger was founded in 2011, many of the creative minds behind Panty and Stocking migrated there, including Hiroyuki Imaishi, the lead director of the original show. However, despite the desire to continue the series, the rights to produce more content were held by Gainax. This deadlock between the two studios lasted for a decade, frustrating fans who longed to see their favorite characters once again.

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Now, the stalemate has been shattered. Studio Trigger has acquired the rights to Panty and Stocking from Gainax, paving the way for an exciting revival. The announcement has brought immense joy to the staff at Studio Trigger, who are reportedly brimming with ideas for not just one, but potentially ten additional seasons, along with a full-length movie. This news has reignited the hopes of fans who have been patiently waiting for a resolution to the cliffhanger ending of the first season.

It is worth noting that during this hiatus, Hiromi Wakabayashi, the original series concept creator, released a fan-made continuation called “Geek Boy Homecoming.” While it provided some closure, it did not fully address the mysteries left unresolved by the original show. As a member of Studio Trigger, Wakabayashi’s involvement in the revival raises questions about the new direction the series might take. Will the events of “Geek Boy Homecoming” be considered canon, or will the creators forge a new path altogether? Only time will tell.

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Panty And Stocking – Unleashing the Power of Imagination: Anime’s History of Surprising Comebacks

For fans concerned about how the story can continue after the mind-boggling twist in season one, it’s important to remember that anime has a history of surprising comebacks. Characters like Naruto’s father, who met his demise before the show even began, have returned in anime specials. This goes to show that in the realm of imagination, there are no limits.

The return of Panty and Stocking is a testament to the enduring power of fandom and the dedication of the creative teams involved. It serves as a reminder that sometimes, even when obstacles seem insurmountable, dreams can come true. As we eagerly await the new adventures of our beloved duo, let us revel in the excitement and cherish the anticipation for what promises to be a triumphant comeback.

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In conclusion, after a prolonged wait, Panty and Stocking enthusiasts can finally rejoice as Studio Trigger embarks on a new chapter of this beloved anime series. With the rights acquired and the creative minds behind the show reunited, the stage is set for a remarkable revival. The future holds the promise of multiple seasons and a thrilling movie, providing fans with the closure and continuation they have longed for. The revival of Panty and Stocking demonstrates that, in the world of anime, hope and persistence can defy all odds, ultimately giving rise to something extraordinary.

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