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Sarada and Himawari Will Become OP During Boruto Timeskip

Sarada and Himawari: The Future Powerhouses of Boruto Time-Skip.

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Do you love Naruto? Are you excited about the upcoming Boruto series? If yes, then you’re in for a treat. We now know that the upcoming time-skip will have some incredibly overpowered characters. Today we’re going to be discussing two of them who are definite contenders for the most-powerful title. We believe Sarada and Himawari will become powerhouses during the Boruto timeskip.

We’re talking about none other than Sarada Uchiha and Himawari Uzumaki. These two characters have some serious potential to be the strongest out of the whole Boruto generation (except for Boruto and Kawaki, of course).

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The Foreshadowing of Himawari Uzumaki

Let’s start with Himawari Uzumaki. You might remember her from the OVA where she knocked out Naruto and Kurama by extension. Well, that scene wasn’t just a gag. It was foreshadowing for what’s to come for her character in the future. She’s destined to be one of the strongest characters in the Naruto franchise.

If you go back to Chapter 77 of the Boruto manga, the actual strongest living character right now, Damon, insists that Himawari has a lot of hidden potential. With her natural genetics, Himawari is the product of two parents who have Otsutsuki chakra and six path chakra. Naruto was able to tap into six path sage mode and became the jinchuriki of all nine tailed beasts. Hinata, on the other hand, obtained Homura’s power, which is Hagoromo’s brother. This made her Byakugan more powerful and enhanced her taijutsu techniques.

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Having two types of chakras passed down to the next generation, it’s as if Naruto and Hinata created another Kaguya-like character in terms of power. Since the events of Chapter 77, Naruto and Hinata are out of the picture. Himawari however, still has family members left. She has the Hyuga clan behind her, which is beneficial because she has an excellent opportunity to train and master different Hyuga clan techniques, hone her Byakugan, and make it her own. She could become stronger than Hanabi, Hinata, Neji, and all of them, combined.

It’s unlikely that she’ll have to take another clan member’s eyes, which was previously necessary to unlock the Tenseigan. She has so much of Homura’s and Hagoromo’s chakra that it’s not a far stretch to say she can unlock the form naturally. If she does, she could tap into the Tenseigan chakra mode, which Toneri used in Naruto and the Last. This form would pay homage to her father’s Nine Tailed Chakra Mode and her mother’s Byakugan and Hyuga lineage.

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Natural Ability of Sarada Uchiha

Moving on to Sarada Uchiha, the girl who’s trying to become the next Hokage after Naruto, if anyone deserves a power-up, it’s her. Out of all the team seven members, she’s currently lacking the most. While Boruto has his karma and Jougan, and Mitsuki has his Sage Mode, Sarada has yet to develop abilities that match up.

Thankfully the apple, in this case, doesn’t fall far from the tree. Sarada has an affinity for both Fire and Lightning Style, much like her father Sasuke. It’s not too much of a stretch to believe that she’s going to invent variants of Chidori and make her own version of Kirin, just like Sasuke’s lightning techniques.

In the anime, we’ve seen her shoot out lightning chakra balls as projectiles, so she’s already honing her skills. If she trains with her dad, she might pick up a few tricks and techniques to further enhance her lightning style jutsu.

Himawari and Sarada Will Become Powerhouses

In conclusion, the future looks bright for Himawari and Sarada, and they are going to be serious contenders when it comes to the most powerful characters in the Naruto universe. They have the potential, the genetics, and the abilities to succeed in their goals. Most importantly, they have the dedication and determination to do it. So keep an eye out for them in the upcoming Boruto time-skip.

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