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Sarada Needs to Tell Sasuke the Truth About Boruto

Understanding the Impact of Eida’s Power in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has always been a story about a young ninja striving to live up to the legacy of his father Naruto. The anime has introduced numerous characters and storylines that have engaged audiences and kept them at the edge of their seats. One such storyline is the impact of Eida’s power, or lack of on the characters, especially on Sasuke and Sarada. However, it is interesting to note that Sarada, who is a better, more efficient, and experienced user of Sharingan, has not been affected by Eida’s power. This is due to the fact that there are certain key people in the world who have not been affected by the power.

Sarada Has Not Been Affected By Eida’s Power and This May Help Boruto

The fact that Sarada has not been affected by the power is not because she is a girl; it is a strange phenomenon. This is evident when the author notes that someone else, referred to as the “class rep”, also seems to be immune to Ada’s power. This raises several questions about the power dynamics of the anime, and it is clear that there is a reason why these two characters were not affected by Ada’s power. The author suggests that there may be other people in the village who are also immune, and possibly other villages as well.

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One such leader who may be immune to Eida’s power is someone like Gaara, who is still alive and has the influence and authority to remember who Naruto and his family are. The author notes that Boruto should ideally be a rogue ninja, hiding and running from every single village. However, this would take away from where the story should go.

Despite the fact that key individuals are aware of Boruto’s identity and want to help him, they may not be able to because the entire village is after him. In fact, the author notes that no one will listen to Sarada, for instance, if she tries to explain the situation to Sasuke. The author suggests that the only way they will be able to plan and understand the situation is by getting away from the threat, which is now Konoha, and is after Boruto.

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If Momoshiki Doesn’t Take Over Boruto’s Body, They Will Both Die

The next chapter or the one after that will probably see Momoshiki taking over Boruto’s body while Sarada tries to keep Sasuke and Mitsuki away from him, just to try to figure everything out. Everything is happening too fast, and there is no time to pause and understand what is going on. If Momoshiki does not take over Boruto’s body, Boruto will die, and that is how the author knows for a fact that it may happen.

Unfortunately, Sasuke, who is a fan favourite, may be killed off by Momoshiki so that he and Boruto can escape the village. Sasuke may be captured and taken in for questioning after he decides to investigate the matter, taking Boruto somewhere. The author suggests that the only way Momoshiki can get Boruto away from Sasuke’s capture is by killing Sasuke. This will be a significant loss for the fans and the story premise, as Sasuke has been one of the key pillars of the anime’s plot.

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After Momoshiki has killed Sasuke, he will leave with Boruto, taking his sword and cloak, and the story will come to a close until the time skip chapters are released.

Boruto Timeskip is Right Around The Corner

In conclusion, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations remains an engaging storyline with numerous twists and turns that keep fans engaged. Ada’s power plays a significant role in the plot’s dynamics, and the fact that not all characters are affected is a significant plot point. It is interesting to see how the story will develop now that Sasuke may be killed off, and how Boruto will face the adverse effects of Ada’s power.

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