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The Real Reason Kawaki Destroyed Konoha

Kawaki's Destruction of the Leaf Village: What Motivated Him?

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In the opening scene of the Boruto series, we witness a destroyed Leaf Village, and the unknown character, Kawaki, standing on top of the Hokage Monument alongside Boruto. This scene raises several questions, including who Kawaki is and why he destroyed the village. Recent manga chapters shed light on these questions and reveal that Kawaki indeed destroyed the village. Nonetheless, this article will not focus on who destroyed it but rather explain the motivations behind this act. Here is what we think the reason is to why Kawaki destroyed Konoha.

Kawaki’s body language During Boruto Opening Scene

Kawaki’s body language in the opening scene is telling of his character, particularly his twisted love for Naruto. Standing on the remains of Naruto’s Hokage face, he looks down on Boruto, implying that he considers him a lesser being. Kawaki’s proclamation that “the age of Shinobi is over” confirms his disdain for the traditional Shinobi system. While it is clear that Kawaki despises Shinobi, his motive for destruction is not yet evident.

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Kawaki activates his karma seal, folding his hand into a fist, a dictatorial pose that signifies his desire to rule the world with an iron fist. He holds Ishiki’s chakra rod, suggesting his intention to follow in Ishiki’s footsteps. Notably, Boruto assumes a defensive stance and appears injured, highlighting his fight against Kawaki.

New Motives Hinting That Kawaki Destroyed Konoha

To understand why Kawaki destroyed the Leaf Village, we must analyze his motivations, starting with his love for Naruto. Kawaki’s primary mission is to protect Naruto at all costs, disregarding ethical or logical consequences. His end-goal is to ensure Naruto’s survival, regardless of whether Naruto is content with his decisions. Kawaki’s unwavering dedication to Naruto’s survival puts him at odds with the Shinobi system and, eventually, the entire Shinobi world.

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After meeting Damon and Ada in chapter 66, Kawaki declares his hatred for the Ototsuki and his determination to eliminate them entirely. His hatred for the Ototsuki is understandable, considering that they are parasitic beings that consume a planet’s nutrients and chakra to create a chakra fruit for their consumption. Kawaki’s desire to eliminate the Ototsuki serves as a positive motive.

The Age of Shinobi is Over

Nonetheless, Kawaki’s desire to eliminate Boruto and destroy the Shinobi world is not evident yet. Kyubbi suggests that Black Zetsu, an agent of Kaguya Otsutsuki, influenced Kawaki’s decision. Black Zetsu’s ultimate goal is the resurrection of Kaguya, as seen in the Naruto series. Black Zetsu orchestrated the events that led to the creation of the Akatsuki and Madara’s plan, and he is responsible for several significant events in the Naruto series.

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In conclusion, Kawaki’s primary motivation for destroying the Leaf Village is his twisted love for Naruto. His eventual decision to destroy the Shinobi world and eliminate Boruto stems from Black Zetsu’s influence, who has been the mastermind behind several significant events in the Naruto series.

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