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The TRUE REASON Sasuke Is ALWAYS Out Of Chakra In Boruto

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Sasuke has always been known for his serious demeanor and unfathomable chakra reserves. However, many wonder why he runs out of chakra so fast. It may seem like a trivial aspect of his character, but upon closer inspection, his love for sweets may actually hold the key to understanding his chakra consumption.

Sasuke Is ALWAYS Out Of Chakra

In Naruto’s manga and Naruto guide, Sasuke confirms that his signature technique, the Susano, requires an immense amount of chakra to activate. However, what many fans fail to realize is that Sasuke’s Susanoo is just the tip of the iceberg. In chapter 8, Sasuke also reveals that his much lesser-known technique, the Suzaku Dimension Travel, consumes most of his chakra. This means that every time he uses this technique, he’s starting a battle with one-third of his chakra already gone.

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To put this into perspective, in the manga, we were informed that opening a portal through the Suzaku Dimension Travel technique requires more than one-third or six times of the Sage Mode QB cloak Naruto’s chakra. This means that every time Sasuke enters a fight, he has already used up a significant amount of his chakra.

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Sasuke’s Rinnegan

Sasuke’s Rinnegan, which he acquired later in the series, was also revealed to be a massive chakra drain. As we know, Sasuke had to recharge his Rinnegan multiple times in battles by closing his eyes. In the modern fight against Kaguya, he had to use his Susano twice. Also, Amaterasu, Chidori and multiple Ame no Tejikara, leading to a complete depletion of his chakra reserves. Even during his iconic fight against Naruto, Sasuke had to borrow chakra from the Bijuu after only using five Ninjutsu.

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To elaborate on Sasuke’s use of Ame no Tejikara, in the Boruto series, we see him opening portals and using up to five Ame no Tejikara in a single fight. This technique allows him to switch places with anyone in his field of vision, effectively creating clones of himself. Each clone requires a bit of his chakra, and he often uses this technique multiple times in a battle leading to even more chakra drain.

So, what does chocolate have to do with all of this? Simply put, Sasuke’s consumption of chocolate is an attempt to balance his chakra usage. It has been well documented that sugar can provide an instant, short-term boost of energy. This means that every time Sasuke eats chocolate, he’s trying to replenish some of his lost chakra quickly. It’s his way of recharging his batteries in the middle of a fight.

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Naruto: Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals

This connection between Sasuke’s love for chakra and chakra consumption is not just speculation. In the anime Naruto: Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals, Sasuke is shown indulging in chocolate and candy bars, directly connecting his consumption of sugar to his battle strategies.

In conclusion, Sasuke’s chakra consumption is undoubtedly influenced by his signature techniques. It’s essential to note that while the amount of chakra Sasuke consumes may seem excessive, it’s a matter of survival for him in battle. Meanwhile, for us, it’s an amusing little quirk that makes the character all the more endearing.

So, the next time you see Sasuke popping a piece of chocolate into his mouth, remember that it’s not just for fun. It’s a strategic move that could potentially make or break a battle for him.

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