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Tomo-chan is a Girl!: Comedy Gold as Shonen & Shojo Fuse

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Tomo-chan is a Girl! is a new anime series based on the manga of the same name by Fumita Yanagida. It follows the story of Tomo Aizawa, a tomboy who is in love with her best friend Junichiro Kubota. However, Junichiro sees her more like one of the guys. The series explores Tomo’s struggle with her identity and how she presents herself, resulting in many funny situations.

Comedy Gold as Shonen & Shojo Fuse

The anime is produced by Lay-duce, Inc., and premiered on Crunchyroll. It features remarkable Japanese voice acting, particularly by Rie Takahashi as Tomo and Kaito Ishikawa as Junichiro. The first two episodes of the series, which consist of two mini-episodes each, were released on January 5.

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Tomo-chan is a Girl! blends elements of shonen and shojo genres into a seinen story. Tomo is a tough young woman who is quick to fight due to her upbringing in a karate dojo owned by her father. She and Junichiro grew up together and have feelings for each other. However, Junichiro’s actions and words towards Tomo often depict her as more masculine. Despite this, there are moments in the anime that give Tomo hope that he may see her in a different light. Tomo’s struggle with her tough exterior and desire to be seen as a girl by her friend are presented in a comedic and relatable way.

One of the highlights of Tomo-chan is a Girl! is its ability to challenge gender stereotypes and tropes. Tomo possesses attributes of a shonen hero, such as her fighting skills and strong personality. However, she is not in a shonen story and must navigate the expectations of a shojo role. This leads to entertaining situations and adds depth to her character. The anime embraces the unorthodox nature of its heroine without taking itself too seriously. The second episode introduces a jealousy trope but adds a competitive shonen element, providing a deeper emotional context for the characters. The voice acting in these scenes is exceptional, further enhancing the overall experience.

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Tomo-chan is a Girl! also includes sexual humor, highlighting the divide between societal expectations and Tomo’s reality. The series explores the clash between traditional gender stereotypes and Tomo’s true self, creating a refreshing and enjoyable watch.

Overall, Tomo-chan is a Girl! is a humorous and refreshing anime adaptation of the manga. It successfully blends shonen and shojo elements into a seinen story, with a standout main character in Tomo. The anime challenges gender stereotypes while delivering laughs and relatable moments. Fans can stream new episodes on Crunchyroll every Wednesday.

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