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Top 5 Rarest Pokemon Goh Owns

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The rarest of the rare – Goh’s Top 5 Rarest Pokemon. With the ever-growing popularity of the Pokemon franchise, it’s no surprise that the main protagonist of the anime series, Ash Ketchum, has quite the impressive collection of Pokemon. But what about his rival, Goh? It turns out Goh has an even more impressive collection of Pokemon, with a whopping 93 Pokemon in his collection. And with this impressive collection, it’s safe to assume that Goh has some of the rarest Pokemon around. Today, we’ll be counting down the top five rarest Pokemon that Goh owns.

Goh’s Top 5 Rarest Pokemon

From the ancient hybrid Pokemon, Arctosal, to the legendary Pokemon, Suicune, Goh’s Pokemon collection is filled with some of the rarest Pokemon ever seen. Arctosal, created by combining a fossilized bird and a fossilized dino, is incredibly rare. Despite the fact that the fossils were found by the most careless and clumsy fossil researchers in the anime and then given to Go, Arctosal is still incredibly rare.

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Another of Goh’s rare Pokemon is his shiny Voltorb. Although it’s unknown how common shiny Pokemon are in the anime, based on how few we’ve seen throughout the series, it’s safe to assume they’re incredibly rare. According to the base odds of finding a shiny Pokemon in Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Evie, it’s one in 4096, making shiny Voltorb very, very rare.

Goh’s Golurk is another rare Pokemon. Not only is it a giant Pokemon, which are incredibly rare, but it’s also the famed guardian of some undiscovered ruins. The fact that Goh managed to catch the ancient guardian of the Colossal Ruins in Unova shows just how rare it is.

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Suicune is another legendary Pokemon in Goh’s collection, and it’s one of the rarest Pokemon ever caught by any character in the anime’s history. Not only are legendary Pokemon rare, but Suicune is especially hard to find and catch. In the anime, Suicune was so rare and hard to catch that Eugene dedicated his entire life to tracking it down.

Finally, the rarest Pokemon in Goh’s collection is his giant Magikarp. Not only is it a giant Pokemon, which are incredibly rare, but it also has the power to jump so high that it can exit the Earth’s atmosphere and launch into space. It literally got so high into space that it never returned down to Earth. This makes Go’s Magikarp the rarest Pokemon owned by any character in the anime’s history.

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So there you have it, Goh’s top five rarest Pokemon. From Arctosal to Suicune to Go’s giant Magikarp, Go has some of the rarest Pokemon around. Let us know in the comments what Pokemon you think Go has the rarest. And of course, be sure to like and subscribe if you enjoyed.

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