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What Happened to Goku’s Power Pole From Dragon Ball

The Mystery of Goku's Power Pole: Exploring its Presence and Disappearance in Dragon Ball

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Have you ever been a fan of the legendary anime series Dragon Ball? If yes, then you must have already heard about the iconic power pole that Goku used throughout the majority of the original series. But if you’re a newer fan, you might have some confusion around its presence and disappearance in the show.

For those who are not aware, the power pole is a magical staff that helped Goku throughout his journey in the original Dragon Ball series. Although it is mostly associated with the younger version of Goku, it has been seen multiple times wielded by adult Goku in other forms of media.

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The Power Pole’s Appearance Throughout the Anime

Now some of you might wonder why the pole randomly shows up and disappears throughout the show. To explain it simply, the power pole is used to connect Corin’s Tower to the floating Lookout above it. It serves as a means of transportation between the two locations due to its magical ability to extend.

One of the last times we see Goku using the power pole in the canon series is to reach the Lookout, where he trains with Kami. However, this doesn’t mean that it stuck between these two locations forever. The pole can always be retracted to be used again, even in combat. This is why we have seen Goku use it in some of those non-canon stories.

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Goku Utilizing the Power Pole During Battle

As a personal fan of the series, I would love to see Goku incorporate the pole more in combat. After all, how cool would it be if he used his key to enhance his staff skills? But before we dive into the possibility of that, let’s explore the history of the pole in the Dragon Ball series.

Goku inherited the power pole from his grandfather, Grandpa Gohan, who also trained him in martial arts. The staff was a gift from Master Roshi, who had acquired it from the heavens.

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The pole’s magical abilities are not limited to extension. It can also shrink down to pocket size, making it convenient to carry around. The staff also has incredible durability, as it has been shown to withstand multiple attacks.

But the power pole has had its fair share of struggles too. It was broken by Tambourine, one of King Piccolo’s demon minions, during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. However, it was later fixed by Kami, who used the Dragon Balls to restore it to its former glory.

The Power Pole Played a Major Role in Dragon Ball and in Goku’s Life

The power pole has played an important part in Goku’s life, but it’s not the only magical item he has come across. The Flying Nimbus and the four-star Dragon Ball are just as iconic to the series as the power pole.

In terms of combat, the pole has been used both offensively and defensively in the series. It has been used to deflect attacks, as well as attack opponents. But despite its potential power, the staff has been replaced by Goku’s other weapons and techniques over the years. It seems that the staff’s use is limited to transportation rather than combat.

In conclusion, the power pole is an iconic item in the Dragon Ball series. Its ability to extend and shrink, as well as its resilience, has made it a valuable tool for Goku throughout his journey. Although its presence has decreased in later seasons, its charm and significance will never be forgotten by fans of the original series.

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