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What Really happened to Future Trunks

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In the Dragon Ball franchise, Future Trunks is one of the most beloved characters among fans. He first appeared in the series during the Cell Games arc, where he traveled back in time to warn the Z fighters about the impending threat of Androids 17 and 18. After helping the Z fighters in the past, Trunks returned to his own timeline to save his own planet from the same Androids.

Future Trunks Returning to His Timeline

But what happened to Future Trunks after he defeated the Androids and returned to his own timeline? Did he continue to protect his planet from other threats?

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Well, the answer is yes. Trunks continued to train and became even stronger than before. He was easily able to defeat Future Cell when he returned three years later, and peace was restored to his planet once again.

However, Trunks didn’t appear in the Dragon Ball franchise again until Dragon Ball Super, where he needed the help of the Z fighters to defeat a new villain: Goku Black. In this arc, Trunks traveled back in time again to ask for help from his friends in the present timeline.

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Trunks Appearance in Dragon Ball Super

Future Trunks’ appearance in Dragon Ball Super was a much-awaited event for fans of the franchise. In this arc, it was revealed that Trunks had been fighting for years to protect his planet from Goku Black, a version of Goku from an alternate timeline who had turned evil. Goku Black had killed almost all of humanity in Trunks’ timeline, leaving only a handful of survivors. But with the help of the Z fighters, Trunks was finally able to defeat Goku Black once and for all.

Trunks’ role in Dragon Ball Super showed fans that he is still a beloved and integral character to the franchise. His strength and determination to protect his planet is a true testament to his character, and his return to the series was met with excitement and anticipation.

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In conclusion, Future Trunks’ story did not end after he defeated Androids 17 and 18. He continued to train and protect his planet, and he returned to the series in Dragon Ball Super to fight against a new evil. Fans of the franchise will always remember and love Trunks for his bravery, strength, and unwavering determination to protect those he cares about.

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