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Why Did Piccolo Obtain Two New Forms?

Piccolo’s Rise to Fame: Exploring His Two New Forms in Dragon Ball Super

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In the world of Dragon Ball Super, there are countless beloved characters that have endured through the years. However, one character in particular has reached a level of appreciation but did not exude the strength needed to stay relevant. Piccolo was once a powerful and essential component of the original Dragon Ball series. However, as it progressed and several new characters were introduced, Piccolo was left behind. Fortunately, the makers of Dragon Ball Super found a way to make this character relevant again.

Piccolo in the Dragon Ball Super movie

In the Dragon Ball Super movie, Piccolo was given two new forms, which were somewhat perplexing. Fans were unsure of the meaning behind the forms since they were given to Piccolo with very little explanation. Therefore, this article delves into the meaning behind these two forms and why Piccolo was given them.

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Piccolo’s Fan Base

First, it should be acknowledged that Piccolo’s fandom is huge! This makes his fall from grace in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super even more heart wrenching to his fans. For instance, in Resurrection F, the movie and the anime, Piccolo was easily defeated for no apparent reason. Similarly, in the Tournament of Power, he was defeated by a little cricket, which is hardly the opponent worthy of a skilled and talented character like Piccolo. This invites the question of whether the writers of Dragon Ball Super truly appreciated the character’s value. Fortunately, with the introduction of two new forms in the movie, his fans were rekindled with hope and excitement.

The Potential Unleashed Form

The first new form, known as the Potential Unleashed form, was given to Piccolo after he made a wish upon Shenron to release his hidden strength. This form appeared to be a goldish-yellow aura that made Piccolo look like a super Namekian. This interpretation of the form is that it is the culmination of Kami and Piccolo’s natural potential. When they were originally one being, this Power was their true potential or their unleashed Power. It is, however, confusing that it looks much like the inspiration, the Super Saiyan.

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Piccolo Transforming into The Orange Form

The second form, which has an orange shade, raises many questions because it began with a bonus from Shenron, which leaves many fans guessing. A popular theory among fans is that this form represents Nail’s hidden potential. The reason behind this hypothesis is that Shenron’s bonus, at the time of Piccolo’s wish, is enigmatic. However, it demonstrates that this bonus is unrelated to Piccolo and Kami but rather the fusion Kai with Nail. Nail had powerful speed since his initial appearance that surpassed those of most Namekians. As much as Piccolo could release his Potential, Nail could do more. He had a power level of 42,000, which even impressed Frieza. Therefore, Piccolo was lucky to fuse with Nail. This interpretation seems to make a lot of sense since it incorporates Nail’s potential, which contributes to the form’s mysterious aura.


In retrospect, Piccolo’s new forms were not given much explanation. Therefore, interpretations of these forms have varied among fans of the Dragon Ball series. Nonetheless, these forms have added renewed interest to the once-beloved character that had been relegated to obscurity. The meaning behind these forms will remain a mystery unless it is provided by the creators someday. However, the interpretations given here demonstrate that the forms serve to give Piccolo the strength that can put him on par with other character types in the Dragon Ball Super universe. Piccolo fans can only hope that the character can once again be given the appreciation he deserves as a powerful and talented character in this popular anime series.

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