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Mermaid Outfit in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

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Hello Kitty Island Adventure features a Mermaid Costume that players can unlock by finding three pieces: a Tiara, Chest Armor, and Tail. These pieces are located underwater, so players must first unlock the ability to dive by reaching a specific friendship level with Kuromi. Gifting her items related to a Fall aesthetic, such as Pumpkins, is the easiest way to level up Kuromi. Once the Snorkel plans are obtained, players can craft their own Snorkel using Rubber, Ingots, and Sparks.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Sparks, necessary for crafting, can be obtained by leveling up Pochacco, who initiates a quest relating to the Zipline. This quest teaches players how to craft Sparks, which are used to make the Ziplines around the island work.

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The first piece of the Mermaid Costume, the Teal Scale Mermaid Tiara, can be found to the West of the Comedy Club. It floats near a couple of boulders underwater near the Visitor Island. The second piece, the Teal Scale Mermaid Armor, is located just a short distance from the Tiara. It can be found along the underwater path that leads off in the Southwest direction from the Comedy Club. The third and final piece, the Purple Scale Mermaid Tail, is on the complete other side of the Comedy Club in the Eastern direction. It is found near the wooden path that goes along the edge of the Spooky Swamp, where the path breaks and water covers it.

Once all three pieces are found, players can equip the Mermaid Costume at any mirror on the island or directly in their inventory. By selecting the “wear” option for each piece, players will be fully wearing the Mermaid Outfit, which animates while swimming underwater.

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Hello Kitty Island Adventure offers various costumes to unlock, including the Witch Costume, which can be obtained by finding three chests around Spooky Swamp. Players can explore the island, unlock new abilities, and collect different costumes to customize their character’s appearance.

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