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Dylan Sprouse on Rigorous Diet For His Role in ‘Beautiful Disaster’

Dylan Sprouse: From Child Star to Edgy Actor

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Dylan Sprouse, the talented actor who has been entertaining us for decades, is working on a new film titled Beautiful Disaster. Despite being just 30 years old, he has already made a significant mark in the entertainment industry. Many of us remember him from his role as Julian in the film “Big Daddy,” where he starred alongside his brother Cole. He also spent six years on the Disney Channel, capturing the hearts of young viewers.

But now, we are about to witness a different side of Dylan in his new film, “Beautiful Disaster.” In this movie, he portrays the character of Travis, a young man intrigued by a classmate who rejects him. The film showcases a more edgy and steamy side of Dylan, exploring themes that differ from his previous works.

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When asked about his decision to take on such a role, Dylan Sprouse humorously admits that edgy and steamy projects are among his favorites. However, he also emphasizes the importance of challenging himself and exploring different avenues in his career. He believes that now that the public knows he is 30 years old, he wants to continue doing projects that are fun and fulfilling.

“Beautiful Disaster” presented its own set of challenges, particularly in the form of intense fight scenes. Sprouse shares that he and the cast dedicated four hours every day to training, including two hours of boxing and stunt work, followed by two hours of bodybuilding. However, the most daunting part of the process was the strict diet they had to adhere to, consuming stacks of unsalted sea bass, bowls of unseasoned rice, and heaps of broccoli. Despite the difficulty, the rigorous training paid off and contributed to the authenticity of the fight scenes.

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During the interview, it is mentioned that Dylan was interviewed by the host when he was just six years old, highlighting his extensive experience in the industry. After leaving acting, he pursued higher education at NYU, but he eventually found his way back to his true passion. Approaching the industry differently this time around, Dylan reveals that he now recognizes his genuine love for acting, rather than feeling compelled or pushed into it as a child.

Dylan Sprouse Hobbies Aside From Acting Career

Apart from his acting career, Dylan Sprouse also has a unique hobby/business: making mead, a medieval drink. Mead is considered the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world, with honey as its primary fermentable sugar. Dylan expresses his enthusiasm for this delectable drink, although he regrets not having a sample to share due to the early morning hour of the interview.

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Towards the end of the conversation, the topic shifts to Dylan’s fashion choices, with the host mentioning a particular picture that has become a recurring topic. Although Dylan seems slightly embarrassed by the photo, it serves as a reminder of how far he has come in his career and the journey that led him to this moment.

In conclusion, Dylan’s career has spanned several decades, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his craft. From his early days in “Big Daddy” and the Disney Channel to his current role in “Beautiful Disaster,” Dylan continues to push boundaries and take on projects that challenge him. He has embraced his love for acting and approaches the industry with a renewed perspective. Alongside his acting pursuits, Dylan indulges in the art of making mead, adding another fascinating dimension to his life. With his talent, passion, and determination, there’s no doubt that Dylan’s future in the entertainment industry will be filled with exciting and diverse projects.

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