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Gaten Matarazzo Worried He’ll Go Broke

Gaten Matarazzo: Dealing with Grown-Up Issues

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Gaten Matarazzo first gained attention for his role as Dustin Henderson in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. With his distinctive appearance and endearing personality, the young actor quickly became a fan favorite. However, as he enters his adult years, Matarazzo is facing some grown-up issues that have him worried about his future in Hollywood.

Gaten Matarazzo Has Concerns For His Financial Security

One of Matarazzo’s chief concerns is his financial security. He made a whopping $20,000 per episode in the first season of Stranger Things, and that number has only gone up in subsequent seasons. He was reportedly earning $250,000 per episode in season four. While such income is certainly impressive, it has also given him cause for concern. Matarazzo revealed in a recent interview that he worries about going broke once Stranger Things ends after season five.

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Despite his hefty earnings, Matarazzo has a condition called cleidocranial dysplasia, which affects the development of bones and teeth. He was informed early on in his career that it might be difficult for him to get work as an actor due to his appearance. Fortunately, the directors of Stranger Things did not see this as an obstacle, and in fact, they wrote his condition into his character on the show.

Gaten Matarazzo And The Challenge With His Unique Appearance

However, Matarazzo’s unique appearance also contributes to another challenge he faces as an actor: child actor syndrome. This phenomenon occurs when people view actors who gained fame as children as perpetually young and unable to handle adult roles. Matarazzo, who is already noticeably shorter than the average actor at five foot five, will be 22 years old by the time season five of Stranger Things airs. He is concerned that he will struggle to find acting work once the show ends, as he is still seen by some as a child actor rather than an adult one.

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The reality is that Matarazzo likely has little cause for concern. Despite his condition and height, he has already achieved success in Hollywood, and he has incredible charisma and likability that will continue to serve him well. Additionally, his social media following is massive, with almost 17 million followers on TikTok alone. This means that he will likely continue to be in demand for various endorsements and collaborations, even if his acting career slows down.

Of course, Matarazzo is not alone in facing these sorts of challenges. Many actors who gained fame at a young age have struggled to make the transition to more adult roles. Daniel Radcliffe, Elijah Wood, and Drew Barrymore are just a few examples of former child actors who have successfully navigated this transition. With his combination of talent and charm, there is every reason to believe that Matarazzo will do the same.

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In conclusion, Gaten Matarazzo may be dealing with some grown-up issues, but he is also a talented and charismatic actor who has already achieved significant success. While it is understandable that he is concerned about his future after Stranger Things ends, he can take comfort in the fact that he has millions saved and a massive social media following to help him along the way. Ultimately, even if he does face some challenges, there is no doubt that he has a bright future ahead of him in Hollywood.

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