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The Implications of Barbie’s Success on Mattel’s Television Shows

Mattel Ventures into Live-Action TV: Creating Family-Friendly Shows for All Ages

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Toy company Mattel is investing in live-action scripted and unscripted television content, with the goal of creating shows that appeal to all age groups and capture the essence of their toys. The company wants to evoke the same feelings in their audiences that their toys elicit, while also tapping into nostalgia and creating fresh and appealing content for new audiences. Mattel’s Televison shows will create a family-friendly viewing experience.

The success of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film has propelled Mattel’s foray into the cinematic world, with plans for a Mattel cinematic universe featuring movies based on Polly Pocket, Barney, and Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, among others. However, the focus now shifts to television and how Mattel can translate this success to the small screen. Mattel’s television segment currently consists mostly of animated shows, but they are ramping up their live-action efforts and aim to mine their extensive toy catalog for unique ideas that can be transformed into compelling live-action content.

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A Universal Appeal: Crafting Live-Action Shows for All Ages

Their guiding philosophy for the live-action shows is to create something that appeals to all ages, similar to the approach taken with the Barbie film. Mattel wants to ensure that their shows are not simply targeted at kids but provide entertainment that the whole family can enjoy together. The goal is to capture the essence of each toy and convey the emotions and feelings they invoke, while also adding creative elements to make the shows engaging and resonant with a broad audience.

A Universal Appeal: Crafting Live-Action Shows for All Ages

Mattel’s current unscripted series, such as Barbie’s Dreamhouse Challenge and Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge, are already incorporating nostalgia and established formulas that align with the creative spirit of their respective franchises. The company plans to continue experimenting and exploring new ideas with high-profile creatives.

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Overall, Mattel is focused on expanding its presence in both the film and television industries, with a specific emphasis on live-action content that appeals to all ages. The company sees an opportunity to leverage its extensive toy catalog to create compelling shows that capture the essence of their toys and provide a family-friendly viewing experience.

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