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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & TMNT II Issue #3 Review

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 issue #3 continues the action-packed fusion between two beloved franchises. The issue begins with the Rangers being de-powered after Casey and Baxter cut them off from their grid Connection. This de-powers not only the Rangers but the turtle Rangers’ shadow morphing as well. However, the Rangers must figure out a way around this to defeat their new enemy, and this is where they discover the mutant Rangers.

The Mighty Morphin’ Mutant Rangers

The mutant Rangers are a big debut in this issue, and their concept is a fusion of the dinosaur creatures that the Rangers are based on, combined with the connection to the grid and their coins. The result is the mighty mutant Power Rangers, which look incredible and have well-designed costumes that create a great balance between storytelling and fan service. The fights between the mutant Rangers and their enemies feature some fun and humorous dialogue and beats, including Jason’s relief at not having tiny T-Rex arms and Kimberly’s struggles with flight.

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Shredder Makes an Appearance

The inclusion of Shredder as an unlikely ally adds a nice change of pace to the series, and the uneasy alliance between him and the Rangers creates a good dynamic. The Rangers must temporarily put aside their differences with Shredder to defeat their common enemy, which is a cliche but effective way of driving the story forward.

The issue also features the reveal that Casey was working undercover, pretending to be evil and offering the Rangers a key to Dimension X, where their enemies’ base is located. This leads to a split between the heroes, with the turtle and Shredder heading off to Dimension X while the mutant Rangers stay behind to protect the earth.

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Aside from the action, there are some fun and lighthearted moments in the issue, such as the interaction between Rita, Krang, and Casey, where Casey questions why they keep trying to invade Earth after failing for 30 years. This self-referential dialogue is a fun meta commentary on the nature of villains in the Power Rangers franchise.

Overall, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 issue three is another strong addition to the series, maintaining the fusion of the two franchises while introducing new elements and characters. The inclusion of the mutant Rangers is a standout feature in the issue, with their costumes and powers adding an exciting new dimension to the story. The issue also features some fun and humorous moments and reinforces the dynamic between the Rangers and their enemies.

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