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Demise of Dark: Moon Knight Gives Birth to His Antithesis

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Marvel’s What If…? Dark series is set to delve into a new alternate reality in What If…? Dark: Moon Knight #1. The story explores what would happen if Marc Spector, the hero Moon Knight, was killed before becoming the avatar of the Egyptian god Khonshu. In this alternate reality, the god Ra takes over and empowers Marlene Alraune, Moon Knight’s long-time love interest, as a new superhero called the Luminary.

Moon Knight Gives Birth to His Antithesis

The preview shared by AIPT begins with the funeral of Marc Spector, attended by a crowd of costumed superheroes who mourn the loss of their colleague. Marlene, grieving over the death of Mark, is shown cursing at a statue of the god Khonshu in private and then smashing it on the ground. As she collapses into despair, a voice represented by orange speech bubbles with white text speaks to her. It is revealed to be Ra, who empowers her as the Luminary, urging her to come and bathe in the glory of his light.

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The alternate cover of What If…? Dark: Moon Knight #1 depicts Moon Knight’s demise at the hands of his archenemy, Bushman. This iconic moment from Moon Knight’s history opens the issue. With the powers of Ra, Marlene Alraune vows to seek revenge against Bushman for killing Marc Spector. However, the solicitation for the issue raises the question of whether her quest for revenge will ultimately lead to her own downfall.

Marlene Alraune, who first appeared in Moon Knight (vol. 1) #28, finally gets the chance to take center stage in What If…? Dark: Moon Knight #1. The series often takes unexpected twists, so it remains to be seen what will come of the Luminary in this dark timeline. It is entirely possible that Moon Knight may even make a return before the issue’s conclusion, but whether he will be an ally or foe to the Luminary is uncertain.

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What If…? Dark: Moon Knight #1 will be available from Marvel Comics on August 16, 2023.

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