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The Peacemaker Identifies the Suicide Squad’s Top Two Members

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In Peacemaker Tries Hard! #4, Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker, finds himself in a sticky situation when his dog, Bruce Wayne, is taken hostage by the Brain and Monsieur Mallah. He attempts to call in a favor from Amanda Waller, the leader of the Suicide Squad, but is dismissed and told that she will not waste her time on a dog rescue. Feeling spurned by Waller, Peacemaker’s new ally, Red Bee, lifts his spirits by informing him of a pilot who can help – Johnny Blackhawk of the WWII-era Blackhawks.

Peacemaker Identifies the Suicide Squad’s Top Two Members

Peacemaker, however, doubts Johnny Blackhawk’s ability to assist them. He expresses his desire to work with his former Suicide Squad teammates, Harley Quinn or Deadshot. Peacemaker believes that they are the best members of the Squad and laments the cards he’s been dealt. Despite the rotating nature of the Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn and Deadshot have managed to become veterans of the team and have proven themselves time and time again.

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Deadshot, a founding member of the Suicide Squad, has seen more action than most other members. Harley Quinn, although not on the team for as long, has outlived many of her teammates despite her lack of powers. Both have a plethora of successful missions under their belts and have developed a solid reputation. Peacemaker respects their skills and sees them as the best things to come out of the Suicide Squad.

Despite the morally ambiguous nature of the Suicide Squad, having members like Harley Quinn and Deadshot has improved the team. They are always there to risk their lives and take on overwhelming odds to see a mission through. Peacemaker, who values getting the job done, has the utmost respect for them.

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Overall, Peacemaker Tries Hard! #4 highlights the admiration and respect that Peacemaker has for Harley Quinn and Deadshot, as well as the reputation they have earned as the best members of the Suicide Squad. Fans of the series can continue to follow the action in this issue, which is currently on sale.

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