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Disney Copied The Loud House With ‘Primos’ Animated Series

Controversy Surrounds Disney's "Primos": Is it a Rip-Off or a Relatable Tale of Family Dynamics

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Disney’s new animated show, “Primos,” has stirred up controversy and accusations of being a rip-off. The show revolves around a girl named Tater, who finds herself dealing with a dozen eccentric cousins moving into her home. However, it’s not the premise alone that has sparked criticism but also the opening theme song. Some viewers pointed out that the chorus, “Oye Primos,” may have inaccurate Spanish grammar. Despite arguments that it could be seen as informal or creatively adapted for the song, this aspect has irked many. Let’s dive deeper into the Primos animated series.

Similarities Between The Loud House and Primos

The bigger issue lies in the striking similarities between the Primos animated series and Nickelodeon’s “The Loud House.” Both shows share the concept of a child navigating their way through a large and boisterous family. The main character in each series is set apart from the rest of their relatives but struggles to find their own identity. Interestingly, Carla Saka Shoreshire, the story editor for “Primos,” was once the head writer for “The Loud House,” further fueling suspicions of a copycat narrative.

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Adding to the skepticism is the fact that Disney has previously attempted a similar concept with the show “Stuck in the Middle,” a live-action sitcom centered around growing up in a large family. Fans drew parallels between “Stuck in the Middle” and “Primos,” highlighting Disney’s repeated exploration of this theme. Jenna Ortega, who starred in “Stuck in the Middle,” played a genius inventor as the main character, adding a twist to the family dynamics.

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The Original Pitch Of The Animated Show Primos

While Natasha Klein, the showrunner for “Primos,” initially pitched the idea in 2017, it was rejected until after the success of “Stuck in the Middle.” The timing suggests that Disney may have been influenced by the positive reception of the previous show when greenlighting “Primos” in 2020. However, it’s important to note that the similarities between the shows could be attributed to their relatable premise rather than intentional replication.

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The Original Pitch Of The Animated Show Primos

Primos Animated Series True Inspiration

In defense of “Primos,” it is based on Klein’s personal experience growing up in a multicultural Mexican-American family. The show draws inspiration from her own life, making it more than just a derivative work. Additionally, Disney’s film “Encanto” explores similar themes of growing up and standing out in a large family, further exemplifying the studio’s interest in this relatable concept.

Rip-off Accusations Of The Series

Ultimately, accusations of “Primos” being a rip-off should be considered with caution. While the resemblance to “The Loud House” and “Stuck in the Middle” is undeniable, it is possible that both shows simply tap into a universal theme of navigating family dynamics. Moreover, “Primos” is a culmination of Klein’s personal experiences, adding authenticity to the story. As fans eagerly await the premiere, it’s worth acknowledging that even if it shares similarities with other shows, “Primos” has earned its rightful place on Disney’s lineup.

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In the realm of animation, projects often bear resemblances or explore similar themes, as seen with Warner’s delayed production of “Cat in the Hat.” While it’s easy to jump to conclusions, it is crucial to allow creators the space to bring their unique perspectives to the screen. So, let’s reserve judgment until we’ve seen what “Primos” truly has to offer.

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