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Nala in Lion King Gets Resolved After 3 Years of Release

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The character arc of Nala in the original 1994 film of The Lion King was somewhat underdeveloped and her actions and motivations were not fully explained. However, subsequent adaptations of the story, such as the Broadway musical and the live-action remake, have addressed this issue and provided more depth to Nala’s character.

Gets Resolved After 3 Years of Release

In the Broadway musical, a deleted scene from the original film was restored, shedding light on why Nala leaves Pride Rock in the first place. This scene, known as “The Madness of King Scar,” shows Scar making unwanted advances towards Nala and her resistance resulting in her banishment. While this scene was cut from the animated film due to its mature and disturbing nature, it helps explain Nala’s departure from Pride Rock.

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The Lion King musical also highlights the need for Nala to have a larger role overall. In the 1994 film, Nala is mostly depicted in relation to Simba, with her childhood friendship with him and their eventual romance being her standout moments. The animated film lacks sufficient context for Nala’s adult life without Simba or her decision to leave Pride Rock. The Broadway musical demonstrates that Nala’s character arc is critical to the survival of Pride Rock and suggests that the animated film could have benefited from exploring her story more.

The live-action remake of The Lion King strikes a balance between Nala’s original departure and the restored scene from the Broadway musical. Nala sneaks away from Pride Rock under the guise of finding help, with Zazu distracting Scar to allow her escape. While she shows dissent against Scar, she does not directly oppose him, thus avoiding exile from her home. This version of Nala’s exile provides more context than the original animated film, without resorting to uncomfortable sexist tropes.

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The increased focus on Nala’s character in the live-action remake is appropriate considering the modern audience and the fact that the role is voiced by Beyonce. Nala plays a larger role in the fight against Scar, ultimately saving Pride Rock and Simba. She is arguably the most important supporting character, and her expanded role elevates the overall narrative of The Lion King.

In conclusion, Nala’s character arc in The Lion King has been underdeveloped in the original film but has been addressed and improved in subsequent adaptations. The Broadway musical and the live-action remake provide more context and depth to Nala’s story, making her actions and motivations more understandable and cohesive. These adaptations demonstrate the importance of giving Nala a larger role and better explaining her choices, ultimately enhancing the overall storytelling of The Lion King.

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