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Will Disney Trade Hulu for Hulk and Namor Rights in the MCU?

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is constantly expanding. Rumors about potential projects for popular characters are always circulating among fans. One such rumor is the possibility of a World War Hulk franchise. This rumor has gained traction following events in She-Hulk and insider reports. However, the distribution rights for Hulk and Namor are currently held by NBC Universal, owned by Comcast, which means that Marvel Studios cannot create solo films for these characters without retaining the rights. Will Disney trade Hulu for Hulk and Namor rights?

Disney Trade Hulu for Hulk and Namor Rights

Recent reports suggest that Disney may be considering a trade involving Hulu and the Hulk and Namor distribution rights. An analyst at Citigroup proposes that Disney could trade their 67% stake in Hulu to Comcast for the rights to these characters. The remaining 33% of Hulu is owned by Comcast, and they can demand that Disney buy it out or sell the rest of Hulu back to them as early as next year. Given Hulu’s reported earnings of $10 billion a year, buying out the remaining 33% could cost multiple tens of billions of dollars, making selling the entire company more attractive to Disney.

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This proposal is not guaranteed to happen, as several factors, such as the value of Hulu and a potential deal with Comcast, come into play. Additionally, Disney may not be willing to sell Hulu. However, if the trade were to occur, Disney could acquire the rights to two of Marvel’s biggest characters, which would benefit their streaming offerings and the MCU.

If the trade doesn’t happen, Hulk and Namor could still appear in a TV show on Disney+. The animation and TV rights may be separate from the movie distribution rights, allowing Marvel to create engaging stories featuring these characters. A multiple-part World War Hulk series on Disney+ is a rumored possibility, and if the rumors about Hulk’s role in the upcoming Avengers Secret Wars are true, Marvel may have found a way to use the character without the distribution rights.

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In conclusion, the trade of Hulu for the Hulk and Namor may be a long shot, but it’s not impossible. Marvel can still use these characters in the MCU, either through TV shows or secret plans. Rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, but they do provide a glimpse into what could be in store for the MCU.

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