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First Glimpse of Nicole Kidman’s Latest Series from Lulu Wang, Revealed in Expats’ Photos

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The Expats is an upcoming limited drama series from Amazon Studios, directed and created by Lulu Wang. The series is set to have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and will be available for streaming on Prime Video in early 2024. The first batch of photos from the series has been released, giving audiences a glimpse of the cast, led by Oscar winner Nicole Kidman.

Series Created by Lulu Wang, Has Been Unveiled Through Photos From “Expats.”

The series is set in 2014 Hong Kong and tells the story of three American women – Margaret, Hilary, and Mercy – whose lives intertwine after a sudden family tragedy. The series aims to explore themes of privilege and the blurred line between victimhood and culpability.

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Expats is based on Janice Y. K. Lee’s internationally bestselling novel The Expatriates. In addition to Kidman, the ensemble cast includes Sarayu Blue, Ji-young Yoo, Brian Tee, Jack Huston, Tiana Gowen, Bodhi del Rosario, Valarie Yu, Amelyn Pardenilla, Ruby Ruiz, and more. Kidman also serves as an executive producer on the series, marking her latest collaboration with Amazon after working together on the Nine Perfect Strangers series.

The series is written, directed, and created by Wang, with co-writers including Theresa Park, Alice Bell, Janice Y. K. Lee, Vera Miao, and Gursimran Sandhu. The executive producers are Wang, Daniele Melia, Per Saari, Park, Bell, and Stan Wlodkowski.

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With the release of the first batch of photos, anticipation is building for the premiere of The Expats at the Toronto International Film Festival. Audiences can expect a gripping drama set against the vibrant backdrop of Hong Kong in 2014. The series promises to delve into complex themes and offer an exploration of privilege and the blurred lines of victimhood and culpability. With Oscar winner Nicole Kidman leading the ensemble cast and serving as an executive producer, the series is sure to attract attention and generate buzz when it becomes available for streaming on Prime Video in 2024.

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