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The Creator Explains the Reason Behind Calling the Show “Suits”

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The title “Suits” has three different meanings, according to show creator Aaron Korsh. The first meaning is the suits that the characters wear, representing the formal attire of the business world. This includes not only the men, but also the women in the show who also wear suits. The second meaning is the suits that the lawyers deal with, referring to the lawsuits that are central to the show’s narrative. The third meaning is the actual people who work in the industry, such as FBI agents and private bankers, who also tend to wear suits in their day-to-day jobs.

Reason Behind Calling the Show “Suits”

These three meanings of the title are all significant in the context of the show. For example, one of the early mandates Harvey Specter gave Mike Ross when he hired him was to get new suits. This highlights the importance of how they present themselves and the impact it has on their clients’ confidence in them.

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While the title does not specifically refer to any single character from the show, it encompasses all of them and their roles within the business world. Throughout the nine-season run of the show, the characters have dealt with a variety of suits, representing the different cases they handle.

With the show’s success on Netflix, there has been interest in a possible revival of “Suits” for new stories. However, Aaron Korsh has been clear that there are currently no concrete ideas for a revival, making the chances of it happening very small.

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Overall, the title “Suits” has multiple meanings that reflect the clothing, lawsuits, and people of the business world depicted in the show. While a revival without the original characters is technically possible, it is unlikely to happen in the near future.

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