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The Decision Behind The Last of Us’ Most Heartbreaking Episode to Omit the Display of Bill & Frank’s Deceased Forms

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Director Peter Hoar has explained why The Last of Us chose not to show the dead bodies of characters Bill and Frank in their heartbreaking episode. The series, based on the popular video game franchise, tells the story of Joel and his efforts to protect a teenager named Ellie in a post-apocalyptic world. The lives of other survivors, including Bill and Frank, are also explored. Hoar revealed that the decision not to show their bodies was made early on in the process, with co-creator Craig Mazin stating that it “wasn’t necessary.” Hoar acknowledged the emotional impact of Bill and Frank’s story and praised the performances of actors Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett.

The Last of Us’ Most Heartbreaking Episode

The third episode of The Last of Us, titled “Long, Long Time,” delves into Bill and Frank’s relationship through flashbacks. Bill initially expresses fear about the future, but he eventually takes care of Frank, who is unable to walk due to an illness. Frank reveals his intentions to get married and then take his own life. In the present, when Joel and Ellie reach their home in Massachusetts, they discover that Bill has done the same.

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Hoar’s explanation sheds light on the decision not to show the bodies of Bill and Frank. The world of The Last of Us is a brutal one, and in such a world, people will experience trauma to their bodies and minds. Mazin believed that showing the bodies was unnecessary. The emotional impact of Bill and Frank’s story was evident, as their deaths were revealed through a letter left behind by Bill. Many viewers who were affected by their story likely accepted the decision not to show their bodies.

Bill and Frank’s relationship was a standout aspect of the series’ debut season, with Offerman and Bartlett receiving praise and Emmy nominations for their performances. Although the ending of their story was tragic, episode 3 of The Last of Us continues to be a highlight of the show. The decision to not show their bodies fits within the overall tone of the series, which explores the brutality of the post-apocalyptic world.

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