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U.S. Premiere of The Boy and the Heron at New York Film Festival

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Studio Ghibli’s latest feature film, The Boy and the Heron, will be making its debut in the United States at the New York Film Festival. The film will be featured in the festival’s Spotlight section and is scheduled to run from September 19 to October 15.

The Boy and the Heron at New York Film Festival

The Boy and the Heron, also known as How Do You Live?, premiered in Japan on July 14. The film draws inspiration from Genzaburo Yoshino’s 1937 novel and is set during World War II’s Pacific conflict. It follows the story of a young boy named Mahito Maki who discovers an abandoned tower in his new town and encounters a talking heron, leading him into a fantastical world. The movie is the first major project from Hayao Miyazaki in the past ten years and is rumored to be his last. It has been a massive success in Japan, setting a new three-day opening sales record.

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However, despite its success, the film has yet to turn a profit. According to one of the producers, Toshio Suzuki, it is likely the most expensive Japanese movie ever made. Production began in 2016 and took a long time due to the fully hand-drawn nature of the film and Studio Ghibli’s attention to detail. Suzuki mentioned in an interview that they were only able to produce one minute of animation in a month.

The Boy and the Heron will also headline the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7, marking its North American premiere and being the first animated and Japanese movie to open the prestigious event. It will also feature in the line-up for the San Sebastian Film Festival.

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As of now, the release date for The Boy and the Heron in North American theaters has not been announced by distributor GKIDS. In the meantime, fans can enjoy other Studio Ghibli classics on MAX, such as Spirited Away and The Wind Rises.

Overall, The Boy and the Heron’s debut in the United States at the New York Film Festival is highly anticipated. The film is already making waves in Japan and is expected to captivate audiences worldwide with its stunning animation and compelling story.

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